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    Is it worth double majoring in Psych + Neuro?

    I'm enrolled in Psychological Science at UNSW with a major in Psychology. I am 100% sure of entering clinical after, which requires a 75%+ average in my psychology subjects. I'm not sure whether I should also major in neuroscience. I don't know what I would do with it after my degree, I worry...
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    Visual Arts Exam Thoughts

    What did y'all think of the exam? I thought it was a pretty good exam. Loved the questions in S2, ended up doing Q5. I loved S1 except for the 5 marker artwork. Also I feel I didn't write well enough for the 12 marker, but I think I aced the 8 marker.
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    What raw 2U math mark would I need for a B6?

    Turns out I'm coming 4th in 2U (85%), with ~1% between me and 3rd. However there is about 10% between me and 1st, not sure where 2nd is. School rank is 180-200, we usually get 3-4 B6s each year. Grade average in exams is usually around 50%. What raw mark should I be aiming for in the HSC to...
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    ATAR Estimate Please :)

    These are my final averages and ranks in each subject School rank: 190s Subject, average, rank, b6s in 2017 English Advanced: 95%, 2/50ish, 7 Mathematics: 85%, 3/47, 4 Society and Culture: 92%, 2/17, 4 (1% between me and 1st) Legal Studies: 95%, 2/27, 6 Visual Arts: 95%, 1/15, 5...
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    Total distance? (Phys App of Calc)

    I'm probably going to sound really stupid but If a question asks "what is the total distance travelled in t seconds", how would one figure this out easily? If needed I can find an example question, but I'd like a general solution to this problem
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    ATAR Estimate Please!

    Was gonna wait till I got my legal half-yearly marks back but I'm a bit impatient School ranking: 180-200 Subject l Average Mark l Rank l Yr11 Rank and Mark l Approx B6s 2017 English Advanced: 97% l 4/50something (three people coming equal first) l 7, about 85% l 6 Mathematics: 94% l...
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    PIP Questionnaire :)

    Hey everyone! If you happen to have a spare 3-5 min or so, could you please do my PIP questionnaire? Link is in my sig Also, if you have any feedback or improvements I could make, please let me know! Thank you :) By the way the questionnaire is on how social media has impacted politics.
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    ATAR Estimate Please!!

    Haha I'm probably gonna be posting here often over the next year Anyways, these are based off of my final Yr 11 results (except for maths, I'll elaborate below) School rank 2016 - between 190 and 200 English Advanced - 7/76 - average mark approx 85% - grade average 56% Mathematics - 9/64...
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    Which uni is best for psychology?

    I'd like to get into Psychology at UNSW but the cutoff is at 98, which may not be realistic for me USYD's cutoff is 96 which is a little more realistic, but I've heard mixed reviews about USYD Also if shit hits the fan and I don't make it into either, are there any other unis that are good for...
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    Should I get a job during Year 12?

    I really want money but I don't want the job to clash with schoolwork, other school duties and sport. I'd probably apply for retail or either dominos or pizza hut I have terrible time management skills now but I had a job for a few months in Yr10 and I was getting assignments done at least a...
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    ATAR Estimate Please!

    I know I'm only in Yr11 but I'd like to see how I'm going School rank: 195 Rank and average marks Adv Eng: approx. 20/75 (90%) 2U Maths: approx. 8/67 (94%) 3U Maths: 5/25 (65%) Society and Culture: 1/42 (95%) Legal Studies: 1/47 (100%) Visual Arts: 3/21 (93%) Physics: 1/16 (90%)...