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  1. Azamakumar

    I probably shouldn't be posting this

    Given you're all a bunch of hoons, but Btw guys, if you're caught by one of these anytime before the 19th of aug, you're only going to get a warning, regardless of how fast you're going. Person with the...
  2. Azamakumar

    chicks cars that you were ashamed to drive but didn't care by the end of your trip

    inspired by that other thread pretty quick steering for a gutless lump of metal luv it
  3. Azamakumar


    Are they like, any good? 9 grand for a 2.3 turbo from 2000 doesn't seem too bad given the level of equipment etc in it. Decent engine/brake/suspension setup and these cars look like a decent amount of fun. Would be looking at something from 2000-05 because theres no way in hell I could fork out...
  4. Azamakumar

    Renault Megane Sport

    6 speed turboharged 2.0L inline 4cyl. 0-100 in 6-6.5 depending on which model you want. 0-1km in 26 seconds. Huge of standard features and a 5 NCAP ratings since 2003 to boot. Claimed fuel economy of 8.8/100km, reviews saying they picked 10L while giving it a workout. Seems like a great all...
  5. Azamakumar

    Best Car Build Thread

    You've found on any forum. I submit VWvortex Forums: V10 E30 M3 Build - courtesy of quik.
  6. Azamakumar

    ITT: The training we have taken to be safer on the roads.

    Just wondering how many people have taken private tuition (track/skidpan/classroom theory) since/before getting their licenses, given all the holier than thou stuff being spouted in the other thread. Driving with an instructor for your Ls doesn't count. I have riders/drivers and have nil...
  7. Azamakumar

    32 v 64 bit

    Going to build my own PC soon and the obvious issue of ram has come up. More than happy to research part compatibility etc, but as for now, can someone give me a laymans explanation on the (dis?)advantages of 64bit over 32bit? Afaik you'll need drivers that support it. Any software issues I'd...
  8. Azamakumar

    ITT: the best car you've ever thrashed.

    Here you go seremify. And no I don't mean mummys 330ci. I mean a hoon car. My entry: friends dc5r. Cracked a giant smile when he got wheelspin in second then he threw me the keys. Never taken a suburban corner faster than 60 until that day. Probably the only car I could enjoy on a daily...
  9. Azamakumar

    you are not logged in something something

    So yeah, basically, every second time I open a page in bos, it doesn't remember my login details. Ie if I were to refresh the index 3 times, first and last time I'd be logged in as azamakumar and the 2nd time I'd just be a guest. Get this everytime it happens in NS. Hitting refresh fixes it...
  10. Azamakumar


    Money is no object. And fuck, we'd all love a veyron sitting in our garage, but that isn't the fucking question, is it now? I'm talking the thing you reaaaaaaaally want. To live with day in day out. Quirks, faults and conveniences come just the same. Imo I'd be hard pressed to want anything...
  11. Azamakumar

    attn p platers

    NSW police not to issue speeding fines as wage talks breakdown | The Daily Telegraph in a nutshell, put your foot down, pull over and repeat.
  12. Azamakumar

    Bike gear

    By the looks of things I won't be getting a bike til around august. So in the meantime I'm gonna start saving up so I can begin stockpiling gear. First off will probably be jacket, eyeing RJAYS all seasons, $299, seems like a good deal for winter/summer/wet etc. Will probably go gloves then...
  13. Azamakumar

    UNSW or USYD??

    Basically this thread is a pissing competition. I'm headed to a BSc at either one next year, and I don't give a fuck which one is better for my degree. Throw it all on the table, pros and cons of each university, parties, architectural faults, whatever the fuck ever. Mods please don't delete...
  14. Azamakumar

    Textbook lists Sem 1 2008

    Am I the only one that gets a 404 when I try check the textbook list?
  15. Azamakumar

    Why would you close that dfee thread?

    It was an interesting discussion. Also, I want an answer Jb.