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  1. matchalolz

    How hard is ACCT2542?

    Basically as per the title. Did you have to attend lectures? Is there a lot of preparation required for tutorials? Is it difficult to get a 80-85+?? I'm aware that it is only offered in semester 2, would it fk up my progression a lot if I delayed taking this course? I still haven't...
  2. matchalolz

    Which subject to do first: FINS1612 or FINS2624

    Please see title for question. Do these courses overlap at all? I'm tempted to do FINS2624 first because it seems to be a prerequisite for more things and I think I want to major in finance but FINS1612 seems a lot easier and I don't know if it's more appropriate to do easier courses first so...
  3. matchalolz

    ECON1203 Lectures

    Would anyone happen to know if you absolutely have to attend econ1203 lectures in person? Like do they do any quizzes or mark attendance in lectures? If I were to take it this semester I wouldn't be able to make it to the physical lectures because of work but will definitely watch them...
  4. matchalolz

    Does WAM/uni results actually matter in employment?

    I was wondering if employers place a huge emphasis on university grades when recruiting, like what should one aim for throughout studies? (e.g. low credits, high credits, distinction average, HD?) Would it be different if one had previous work experience? What about in these areas in particular...
  5. matchalolz

    Laptop for Uni (and daily life too actually)

    I'm going to be purchasing a laptop for uni next year since my current laptop is pretty much unusable, and the only other laptop/computer I have is the one from the government for public schools which is like 3hr battery life lol no - I'm ok with spending however much money (just maybe not...
  6. matchalolz

    Help with HSC MC Please :)

    Confused with HSC 2010 Q16. Like I know there are answers but I don't get the logic behind it. Thanks http://imgur.com/Xo2Quk7
  7. matchalolz

    motion question

    Q7b http://imgur.com/7EBOEIg,nTnWuKn#0 what does confined in a mathematical context mean? Q10bii http://imgur.com/7EBOEIg,nTnWuKn#1 I just don't get how to do this in general Q11a http://imgur.com/ltPRiSN I'm having trouble finding the value of k, like I got a value but the answers...
  8. matchalolz

    Maths Struggles

    can someone please help me with these? http://imgur.com/6sjEpnE i did half of q14b but don't really get the rest. I differentiated the xm expression and then used the quadratic formula to solve for t. I got t= 1/2 * 3 plus or minus root 5, and this seems right because there are two answers...
  9. matchalolz

    Protection Questions

    I don't get these multiple choice questions: Which of the following is a short-term economic effect of a reduction in subsidy protection? a. decreased government revenue b. increased political protest c. increased structural UNemployment d. increased domestic production in the subsidised...
  10. matchalolz

    Module A Essay Structure

    Would it be better to: 1. Discuss three different ideas/values through the use of three integrated paragraphs OR 2. Discuss two different ideas/values, but two paragraphs per idea (one for each text) I assume with the first structure more ideas are being discussed, but the second...
  11. matchalolz

    Any past HSCers willing to give feedback on work?

    Hi, I've written a creative piece on discovery and asked for feedback from my teacher, but she just gave me a mark without really specifying why, and what I can do to improve. I was wondering if any past HSCers or anyone experienced in creative writing has the time to look over my work? I...
  12. matchalolz

    Paper 1 Section 1 Extended Response

    hey all, because I've never practiced for a paper 1 section 1 before and I"m only starting now, I'm unsure of what to do for the extended response, as in: - how long it should be (rough word count) - how I should structure it -> like do I need an intro to introduce the ideas? separate...
  13. matchalolz

    maths paper out of time

    did my first assessments for 2u and 3u, and although I didn't find the papers "difficult", I always ended up running out of time, leading to me making very half-assed attempts at the last question and losing 2-4 marks, not because I didn't know how to do it, i just didn't have the time to think...
  14. matchalolz

    UNSW travel

    Hi, can someone please tell me which bus I need to take from central to get to gate 8 on high street? thanks ;)
  15. matchalolz

    4u maths

    how much homework is involved in 4u maths? 1 hour per night? 2? I just want to get an idea of what I'm signing myself up for would be handy if people could share some insights thanks :spin:
  16. matchalolz

    Year 12 Business Studies

    hey there, I'm about to start writing notes for my year 11 prelims except I know that I won't be able to cover all the year 11 content, so I was wondering what topics I should focus on ie. which ones are covered again in year 12?
  17. matchalolz

    Looking for an English tutor

    I'm currently a year 11 student thinking about tutoring for English Advanced. It would be more convenient if you can tutor in Pennant Hills Library or Hornsby Library, however, I am also willing to travel to Epping library. I can only afford a rate of $30-40 (lol sorry) and would really like it...
  18. matchalolz

    Short Story Ideas

    so I have to write a short story, but it has to be realistic and explore human experiences as opposed to fantasy or anything... I'm really stumped on ideas. Some themes that I'm allowed to choose from: - immigration - acquiring new cultural values, tensions between cultures - family life...
  19. matchalolz

    Help Out (willing to give out rep lol)

    Survey for my assignment, link is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DCK3GXM Please help out if you haven't already ;)
  20. matchalolz

    Am i just forgetful?

    I feel like with maths whenever I learn a new topic I can do it really well but as soon as I start doing the homework for another topic my knowledge of the previous topic just previously fades away :( Does this happen to anyone else or am I just really forgetful? Help?!