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  1. sourmilk

    How long does the Office Suite from det portal last? does it expire?

    Yoohoo! I recently got a mac air and to my demise the only way I can get the office suite is through a disk which I got at home. I ended up downloading the office suite for students on my det portal - and it worked!! I can use it with ease and it's all successful. Just wanna know if anyone...
  2. sourmilk

    I don't have to catch-up on a sub if I'm transferring in 2nd year right?

    Yoohoo! I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW to my dismay, and I really want to transfer to PR/Advertising next year. I'm also currently in an internship so first semester I want to minimise my hours as much as I can - so I can work, and also not waste too much money and time on...
  3. sourmilk

    Youth Survey!!

    Hello everyone! I need people to do this survey mainly about this current generation.It's about how media is perceived and how it influences us and stuff. PLEASE SPREAD DA WORD https://goo.gl/forms/y2YITgzJnQFVb83s2 If you can do it please and thank you so much!
  4. sourmilk

    how can there still be vancancies in courses??

    I was angstly lurking at the UAC degree vancancies and notice the course I wanted to do had a cut off and still had vancancies. I'm just curious why there could be still be vancanies when there are people who fall shy below the cut off (ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) didn't get a spot. Like who are they...
  5. sourmilk

    Chance of getting into UNSW?

    I really want to get into media (PR & Advertising) which is a 85 atar, and since I know the course is quite a stretch compared to a 10 mark difference, I'm also eligible for 5 bonus points in that course because I reached certain bands as well. My atar is 75.60
  6. sourmilk

    Applied to many stores: 2+ Interviews ?

    I have saturated every retail store in my area with my resume and have received two email back from cotton on groups - Rubi and Factorie, for Christmas Casuals and the interview in within the next few weeks. However, despite the fact I'm really happy I got two offers I was thinking of waiting...
  7. sourmilk

    ATAR estimate for me and my friend (pls dont roast our ranks)

    I didn't really do well internally, so I'm relying on HSC to pull shit up. This year hasn't been the brightest for me so please refrain from such comments because I'M AWARE theyre terrible. We both go to a #380 ranked school, our dux last year got 96 and we only had I think 6 band 6's last...
  8. sourmilk

    Is Work Experience only limited in Year 10?

    I never got the opportunity to work experience because my school is an ass and never publicised this BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITY to me when I was in Year 10. However, I was considering getting into Journalism next year in University and I was thinking perhaps I can nudge my career advisor to score me...
  9. sourmilk

    General Maths 2015 HSC error?

    http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/2015/exams/2015-hsc-maths-general-2.pdf For question 18 it asks: A Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of five members. Three of the members are being selected to attend a conference. In how many ways can the three members be...
  10. sourmilk

    Do trials get sent to the marking center to be marked?

    This morning is the second day of trials for me, and I had two subjects today: Paper 2 and Biology. I walked into the hall to take my Paper 2, and I was slightly late because of traffic so everyone was sitting down, and the teachers were giving me a dirty for being late. I sat down, looked at my...
  11. sourmilk

    Is this justified to lose a mark?

    I recently got my biology test back and I did pretty poor, I got around 74%. However, I lost two marks which I believe shouldn't be?? One of the questions asked to 'tabulate the data of the following experiment' My table was complete, and the information was correct because the teacher...
  12. sourmilk

    How do you write a Scenario Report?

    My teacher didn't give a clear idea on how the structure should be D: > Where should you put the recommendation? > How do you open the report > Is case studies still necessary? > Can I speak in first person or should I still be formal?
  13. sourmilk

    How to know when it's going well?

    I'm writing a critical response and it's been going well, however I started to read one of those Young Writers books and I feel like i've reached an impasse. Obviously the works within the Young Writers books are all good, however I feel as I'm not too entirely sure whether my critical response...
  14. sourmilk

    Atar Estimate + Help

    Recently got my report! My school's ranking is #380 currently, previously it was #330 Advanced English: 79/100 Rank: 6/20 English Extension 1: 26.5/50 Rank: 3/5 (In fairness it was one assessment task that we were measured for our marks, so basically this mark was an assessment which I fucked...
  15. sourmilk

    How are extension classes integrated in a timetable?

    Trivial question but I'm just curious how extension classes are integrated in other school's timetables. At my school all extension classes exist before and after school. I had a friend who moved schools and she told me her EE1 class happens within school hours because so may people do it, but...
  16. sourmilk

    Always sleeping after school?

    There's some thread floating around here, but I am too tired and I need some help Recently, I've been feeling more and more drained after school (especially halfway of 5th or 6th period), where I just suddenly need to sleep. This usually won't be a problem, but the fact is that I have a maths...
  17. sourmilk

    school jerseys/jackets

    I know this is probably a lil' early to start thinking about what nickname to put on a school jacket but I'm once of those people who has to plan ahead to ensure I don't spend $90 on regret Since my last name is Loh, I wanted to incorporate a siq pun and originally had the idea of 'Loh...
  18. sourmilk

    Prelim to HSC success stories

    Does anyone have any success stories of anyone doing abysmally/average in prelim and do incredibly well for their HSC and got a gr8 atar? I just got prelim marks back and I'm losing faith, pls help TT__TT
  19. sourmilk

    Principal forbidding us to drop a subject

    So the time has come where I'm ready to drop food tech like a hot potato, I've spent the entire year learning shit but enjoy the practical element of food tech and already had plans to drop food tech since I considered this as the least important class to me. However, my principal implemented...
  20. sourmilk

    School Camp / How was yours?

    My school camp was really enjoyable and it was pretty damn great that I brought more layers since it was cold AF. Food and beds were pretty fucken basic, it was nice to know what it was like to be in prison for a few days and nights. The only thing that was unfortunate was that eleven people...