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    Annuity question

    I put the values into the future value formula: 1000(1+3.75%/12)^15 = $1047.91 But the answer is A Could anyone help, please?
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    Atar estimate

    School rank: 170s General Maths 2/90 2 b6 SOR 1 4/89 17 b6 Biology 8/52 9 b6 Business Studies 1/44 6 b6 Standard English 1/105 0 b6 Modern History 22/31 1 b6
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    How do i submit my SRS application through UAC?

    I've filled out everything on the form, but the only thing i can find is an option to "print SRS confirmation package"?
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    Interviews for E12?

    The timeline on the usyd page said that interview invitations would be going out mid to late September. Has anyone been called up yet?
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    Should I self-teach myself the Finance topic during holidays?

    Hi, My BST class has covered Marketing, Operations and we finished HR at the end of last term. However, we haven't really started Finance yet and our trials take place during the 3rd week of next term and i'm fairly certain the trial exam contains questions overing all of the individual topics...