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  1. BLIT2014

    Recommendations for computer monitors.

    Mainly looking to use it for Excel and low-level gaming/ movie watching.
  2. BLIT2014

    Federal Election May 18

    Who are people planning to vote for? Has anyone voted already?
  3. BLIT2014

    Uni contingent to school strike for climate change

    https://www.facebook.com/events/294892801166526/ Universities contingents are meeting at 11.30am at the Queen Victoria Building (Next to the Statute) then marching to join School Strike 4 Cliimate Change at Townhall. Macquarie, UTS and USYD students and staff will not be penalised in...
  4. BLIT2014

    George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual assault

    * Vatican treasurer convicted on five charges in Australian court case * Straight to gaol as bail application is withdrawn * Holy See "Cardinal will remain Cardinal until the appeal is heard * Pell maintains innocence * Scott Morrison (PM) willing to revoke OA of Pell * Carlton Football Club...
  5. BLIT2014

    Roll Call: For HSC 2019

    Welcome, 2019ers! Please introduce yourselves here. What subjects are you all doing and what are your aims for the year? ATAR, university and course. Best wishes for your HSC on behalf of everyone at Bored of Studies.
  6. BLIT2014

    2020ers Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Welcome, 2020ers aka individuals entering preliminary this year (2019!) This thread is for general chit-chat of a semi "school-related" nature! As always if you have questions pertaining to certain subjects, please make a post in the appropriate section, and you are much likely to get a...
  7. BLIT2014

    Roll Call: For Preliminary 2019

    Welcome, 2019ers! Please introduce yourselves here. What subjects are you all doing and what are your aims for the year? ATAR, university and course. Best wishes for your HSC on behalf of everyone at Bored of Studies.
  8. BLIT2014

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Good luck for the 2018 :bosman: cohort. If you have any questions, concerns, worries feel free to post here. " HSC results will be delivered via email and text message from 6.00am on Thursday, 13 December 2018. You will also be able to access your results on this day by logging in to your...
  9. BLIT2014

    Semester 2 2018 MQ Results Discussion Thread

    RESULT RELEASE DATE FOR SESSION 2 2018: Thursday 13 December 2018 via student email account - from 9 am via eStudent - from 3 pm Good luck everyone!
  10. BLIT2014

    Student's across Australia plan to "Strike" on Friday 30th November

    "Why aren't they doing anything?: Students strike to give climate lesson This Friday, November 30, thousands of Australian students will go on strike, demanding their politicians start taking serious action on climate change. The movement, School Strike 4 Climate Action, has been inspired...
  11. BLIT2014

    Wanting to do a JD for fun/cheap

    Hi guys, Does anyone universities that offer the JD with scholarships/online/CSP supported places? Looking to save up and was hoping to spend about 40k or less if possible. Regards, Blit
  12. BLIT2014

    Melbourne's CBD has been evacuated

    Melbourne Bourke Street incident: one dead, two injured after stabbing
  13. BLIT2014

    2018 Predictions for HSC Business Studies Exam (Prep+Chat)

    What do you think the extended response will be? Which is your favourite part of the syllabus? HR? Hows your study going? Are you prepared?
  14. BLIT2014

    Good luck for the 2018 HSC exams

    Make us here at BOS proud :)
  15. BLIT2014

    2018 AFL Grand Final 2.30pm Saturday 29th September

    Collingwood vs West Coast Eagles. The match is playing on free to air Channel 7. Kicking off at 2.30pm. Pre-match entertainment by Jimmy Barnes and The Black Eyed Peas (1.40pm?)
  16. BLIT2014

    'Someone set him up': UNSW terror-accused was framed, says brother

    "He has been falsely accused and as justification of having no conclusive evidence their [the police's] motive is to prolong his stay under custody to simply save themselves." (Brother of accussed) "alleged terrorist is related to several high-ranking members of Sri Lanka's government."...
  17. BLIT2014

    New NSW teachers to require a credit average, 'superior' intelligence

    "Teaching graduates will need a credit average in their degree and must prove "superior" emotional and cognitive intelligence to be allowed to apply for a job in NSW public schools. Under new standards to be set by the NSW government, applicants with online-only degrees will be sent to the...
  18. BLIT2014

    Post Trials / Current Trials discussion thread for Business Studies

    How did every find the trials exam? Pinpoint any weak areas? What are people's studying plan for the next week etc uptill the HSC exam? Any concepts that you are struggling with that you'd like to discuss with your peers on BOS?:confused2:
  19. BLIT2014

    Keeping up with the times': HSC moves online

    "The HSC will go online for the first time next year in a move that has been described as "keeping up with the times". The NSW Education Standards Authority has decided a computer exam is the best way to conduct the final assessment for the new, high-level science extension course, in which...
  20. BLIT2014

    Coalition ‘alarmed’ after students with Atars as low as 17.9 accepted into teaching

    Simon Birmingham says unis should only admit students likely to pass government’s literacy and numeracy test Students with dismally poor high school results are being accepted into university teaching courses, setting off alarm bells about the quality of some Australian educators. The...