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    ANU vs UNSW law?

    UNSW Is just more convenient for you and has far more better advantages, it sounds like a ad cuz its easy to see the advantages.
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    ANU vs UNSW law?

    ANU's law faculty is ranked 15th in the world whilst UNSW Is 14th. This makes UNSW more prospective which is further amplified by it being located in Sydney, which is full of legal firms and internships whilst Canberra has fewer internship opportunities and is mainly dominated by the public...
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    little shit

    little shit
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    Should I take standard maths instead of advance maths?

    economics either at UTS OR UNSW
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    Should I take standard maths instead of advance maths?

    Currently in year 10, doing 5.3 maths and got 69% in my yearly. I'm feeling pessimistic about me achieving an 80+ mark for advanced maths in the hsc and am currently deciding whether to choose standard, in standard I could achieve a way better mark which would give me a better atar and, because...
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    Not doing economics for my hsc but I am wondering why people don't keep the absurd amounts of money lying about during inflation and wait for it to end, they'll be rich as @#@#@. (Doing economics in commerce right now)
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    Ok so I’m not a dumb fuck whose been wasting 4 days on this section, the answer in the book says 37 but I kept on getting 53
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    Can anyone please explain why 7a) is 37 degrees?
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    Stupid question but

    If a question says in triangle PQR, How do you which point is P? Or Q or R? Also it says side p is 18 cm and side r is 20cm. Where do you put the p and r? Which side?
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    Help with English yearly

    How do you know how many techniques a short answer question requires you to find? Also should you use the peel structure for short answer questions or the T.E.E structure?