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    Why is every type of accommodation on campus so freakin expensive!?

    The only way I can afford to go live in Sydney next year for Uni is because I've worked a gap year. If you earn enough money you can get Independent Status or Austudy halfway through first year uni. The money I'll be getting after that will cover most of my costs. I know it's a 'waste of a...
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    How accurate are ATAR calculators?

    I wouldn't even try using those things. If I'd done it for mine I'd have been really disappointed because yeah, some do over-inflate. Just my personal opinion, but I don't think that's the best way to find out your ATAR. I'm glad I waited for the 'real' one.
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    How long do u study leading up to HSC?

    If you manage your time and don't procrastinate you can manage a surprising amount of study. I did 8 hours / day for the month before HSC and it was definitely not impossible.
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    last in a subject band 5/6

    Your internal ranking really doesn't make much difference to your final band mark. My internal marks weren't that good in chem but I studied for the month before the HSC and improved them by over 20% into a high band 5.
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    year 12 studying

    The best thing I did for studying was summarising everything I didn't know or quite understand. It reduced my stress because I knew exactly what to worry about rather than having this huge, vague anxiety about everything. Don't cram stuff you already know just because it makes you feel like...
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    Atar prediction!?! Help, can I get a 90!?

    I put the marks into an online calculator, and got out 90.50. But that's only using the exam marks you gave. Have a feeling you may not get the 90 :(
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    Help.. Please… :( !!!

    I was always told that the HSC exams are marked from 50-100, instead of from 1 to 100. Therefore, if your HSC exam mark is, say, 60, you may not have done too well in that exam. If you wanted an ATAR of around 70, you need to be scoring above that in your average mark, because it all kinda...
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    Naming of alkanes/alkenes + other questions

    A benzene ring is simply 6 carbons joined in a hexagon shape, with a hydrogen at each carbon point. When it's in alkanes, like styrene, its just attached to the normal carbon chain. In things like styrene, it is a big, stiff group, and helps make the styrene stiff and hard.
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    General thoughts

    Surely you won't lose marks just for drawing in pen?
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    Don't really know, but I said that the essential step is for the threshold action potential thing to be met, before the signal is transmitted?
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    It wanted photoreceptors in different parts of the retina, so I also said that rods received the light, and talked about what happened in them. Hated that question though. Am I the only one that really struggled with e)i), about relating the light chips with the hearing aids and cochlea...
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    General thoughts

    Didn't like that 8-marker. Also hated the two 6-markers in communication... had never specifically studied them :(
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    Multiple Choice

    1a 2c 3d 4c 5a 6b 7a 8b 9b 10a
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Re: General Thoughts Awesome exam. Did Islam in section 2, and struggled with 'how effective the person has been.' But the 20-markers were great
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    Multiple Choice

    Hmmm... do they ever take more than 1 answer for mc? They might decide that the cellulose question was ambiguous, so many people got confused, and take either? Just wondering :)
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    Multiple Choice

    I got A for question 5, using the atomic number
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    Can someone please explain the calculation questions?

    I was stuck with it too, just ended up trying to work out the molar ratios. Ended up with the Pb(s) and Ag+ being 0, so I think I made a mistake somewhere... With the ethanol one, read off the graph for the temperature change of the oily liquid. Found the moles of ethanol used and multiplied...
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    Indicator Question

    How did you explain why it would work as an indicator?
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    Multiple Choice

    That has got to be one of the easiest multiple choice tests ever! :) Didn't get them all but better than normal