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    Should I take standard maths instead of advance maths?

    Currently in year 10, doing 5.3 maths and got 69% in my yearly. I'm feeling pessimistic about me achieving an 80+ mark for advanced maths in the hsc and am currently deciding whether to choose standard, in standard I could achieve a way better mark which would give me a better atar and, because...
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    Not doing economics for my hsc but I am wondering why people don't keep the absurd amounts of money lying about during inflation and wait for it to end, they'll be rich as @#@#@. (Doing economics in commerce right now)
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    Can anyone please explain why 7a) is 37 degrees?
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    Stupid question but

    If a question says in triangle PQR, How do you which point is P? Or Q or R? Also it says side p is 18 cm and side r is 20cm. Where do you put the p and r? Which side?
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    Help with English yearly

    How do you know how many techniques a short answer question requires you to find? Also should you use the peel structure for short answer questions or the T.E.E structure?