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    Broadway Scheme

    Has anyone else received the letter informing them of their eligibility for this? I've received a letter direct from the UAC acknowledging my successful application, but on the USYD website, it says that the university itself will send a letter BEFORE the UAI is released, informing the person of...
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    Sleepless night

    Well, I'm typing this at 6:30 after getting absolutely 0 sleep. Fantastic. It's not like I'm even nervous about the exam - I just couldn't sleep for some reason. This line of a song I'm listening to these days kept replaying in my head and before I knew it, it was daylight. My only consolation...
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    Graduate Law?

    I'm just looking to find out what the requirements are like for this? I'm thinking of doing a Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies at USYD then doing graduate law at UWS, but the UAC guide doesn't have much information on entry. What kind of UAI/Uni marks do I need to be competitive?
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    Combined law courses all have the same course code?

    What does this mean? I mean, if you are to get accepted into combined law, do you get to choose which degree you want to combine it with? And are you guaranteed entry into your choice? thanks for any help
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    B Arts/M Teaching (Secondary)

    It says that "completion of an education studies major is mandatory in the B Arts component" in the UAC Guide. What exactly does this mean, as I can see no "Educational Studies" major options under the B Arts section. Can I still do History, Philosophy and Politics or English, Text and Writing...
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    "media" subject area for social sciences

    I've noticed that for the NSW social science degree, aside from the compulsory social policy/research stuff, you've gotta do one major from a number of choices, and one of these is "media". What exactly is this? And how does it compare to the Media component of the Arts in media and comm...
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    Let's hypothetically say that there are only 2 people in a certain subject. And that the person who is coming 2nd has left a major project (examined internally) till the last day, but really doesn't care because he's fairly certain his rank will stay 2nd, and not be pushed up (due to a poor...
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    Chances of getting into USYD law?

    Hey guys, just need a little advice :P USYD law is gonna be my first choice when I apply for uni, but obviously the UAI cut-off is astronomical and I'm not expecting to get in. The UAI calculator is fine, but I'd like some opinions from people who have gotten into this course, and what kinda...
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    Social Science & History?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, by doing a social science degree, would I have any access to history subjects, on the same level as an Arts degree? Also, on the whole, what is employability like with a social science degree? I've heard that Arts degrees are a bit vague in terms of career...