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  1. pikachu975

    HSC Marks Thread 2019

    Hey people! I think that marks are coming out on the 16th so that's really soon - so I'm making this thread so you can give PREDICTIONS about your HSC marks and/or your ACTUAL marks after they come out. Good luck and I hope you all achieve your goals and get into your desired uni courses :)...
  2. pikachu975

    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    How did you guys find the exam overall?
  3. pikachu975

    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    How was the exam? Hope you all did well :)
  4. pikachu975

    English Standard Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    Hey! Good luck for the paper :)
  5. pikachu975

    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Hey! Just putting this up here for tomorrow's exam. I hope everyone does well and tries their best. Remember to be confident in your knowledge which will help you perform your best!
  6. pikachu975

    Trials Marks/Reflection Thread

    Hello!! Post any marks you've gotten back for trials and also reflect on how you did! I feel like an essential part of both assignments and exams is reflecting, i.e. what worked well (so you keep doing it), what to improve, and next steps. I feel like even though it's cliche to reflect, it's...
  7. pikachu975

    MQ S1/18 Results Thread

    Results come out tomorrow (12th) so post mark predictions and/or update with your real marks :rolleyes2:
  8. pikachu975

    How's everyone's first year of uni so far?

    So far finding there's a lot of workload but also more free time (slightly depending on time management) than HSC. Also the content is way more engaging so it's fun doing the work :) Right now economics is really hard but gotta push through it, how's everyone else doing?
  9. pikachu975

    Initiate 48 Survey

    Hello! Sorry to bother but if possible could you guys please fill out this survey! It's for a program called Initiate 48 (you can sign up for it again in July - great opportunity!) so I'd appreciate it greatly if you fill it out (it'll be quick). It's basically about a networking event, Thanks a...
  10. pikachu975

    99.75 CHEAP $12 Biology (96) and $10 English (91) Notes

    Hello! NOTE: PM me to buy the notes. Biology Notes I am selling my year 12 biology notes which I used for the HSC and they are extremely detailed as I spent countless hours working on them. I achieved a 96 HSC mark in biology in the HSC. These notes are all you need for the HSC course and...
  11. pikachu975

    Any past data science students?

    1) Is data science good at USYD? UNSW only ran it for 1 year so I am considering USYD. 2) Is b science + b adv studies the optimal choice to get the data science major or b adv computing + b science to get computational data science? Not sure how this affects job prospects. 3) Any...
  12. pikachu975

    Post your 2018 university offers here

    Seeing as there was one last year, post your offer for 2018
  13. pikachu975

    Actuarial 2018 Sem 1 Subjects

    Planning to do actl + maths so just got a few queries. Not sure how to find out what subjects you do year 1 but I think from the progression plan they are: ACCT1501 ACCT1511 ACTL1101 ECON1101 ECON1102 FINS1613 MGMT1001 MATH1151 MATH1251 So I won't pick MGMT because I heard it's...
  14. pikachu975

    Can you accept a scholarship+offer and cancel that later?

    I got offered this 5k a year scholarship at MQ uni and direct offer for actuarial+app finance. But the thing is in the small chance a co op spot opens for UNSW or macquarie for shortlist then I wanna cancel the scholarship and actuarial+app fin offer. I also have the other choice of cancelling...
  15. pikachu975

    2017 ATAR Calculator Thread

    Just thought that since marks are coming in a few hours that we can have a thread where we post our atar calculations from entering our marks and then one for the real ATAR day.
  16. pikachu975

    2017 HSC Marks Prediction Thread

    This is 2 days early but feel free to discuss prior to the marks on thursday and also may as well make the thread early rather than late. It says 6 am btw but it'll probs be in your email at like 5-5:30 am so check that. Share your thoughts - nervous, scared, excited, already got an early...
  17. pikachu975

    Co-op offers

    Since it is november 9, the offers will probably come out soon so share below if you got one!
  18. pikachu975

    $40/hr Tutoring (99.75) - Maths (All levels)

    EDIT: For first sem of uni I achieved a 93.5 WAM with a 95 in maths :) I just completed my HSC in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.75 while having accelerated 2U maths (97/100) and SOR 1 (48/50) in 2016. If you need proof for these accelerated results, PM me! My 2017 marks: English Advanced - 91...
  19. pikachu975

    Macquarie Co-op

    Did anyone else apply for actuarial co-op at macquarie? If so it's already the 5th and they said first week of november so 2 more days! Also if you check your submission it says Assessed so it should be here any time ;)
  20. pikachu975

    Physics Exam Thoughts

    Personally found MCQ and some short answers hard