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    what is hscstudylabs? anyone had it before?

    In my experience, I received a free trial but never ended up using it. Instead, a much better alternative imo was Edrolo - however i do think the school has to purchase it for you in order to gain access to their courses. Otherwise if you can't get Edrolo, I guess you can give HSCStudyLabs a...
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    Extreme demotivation

    "I don't know what it was but I for some reason couldn't answer some of them..." - this is a little vague, reflect on yourself. do you feel pressured by yourself? or is it more so your external surroundings/others expectations? if its the latter i suggest in exams sitting right at the front of...
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    #welcome #general-chat

    have y'all got your first yr12 assignments yet
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    #welcome #general-chat

    Anyone have advice on how to cope with burn out :( Just started Year 12 and my motivation to study just plummeted after prelim exams...