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    Whats your uai and tell me

    UAI - 92.00 School - Public (inner west) - around bottom 50 LOL. School average - pretty sure below 50 Aim - 90+
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    ENGL1000 vs ENGL1007?

    In the handbook it says "From 2008, ENGL1000 can be counted towards the junoir credit points required to enrol in senoir units of English" so I guess you can choose it? :)
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    lolin so hard at that kid who had that insane party LOL!
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    collide Bachelor of Liberal Studies I
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    Unconventionally Attractive Celebrities

    Jim Sturgess
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    Random Music List

    1. Always Love - Nada Surf 2. Ghosts Of York - As Tall As Lions 3. Don't U Eva- Sarah Blasko 4. A Movie Script Ending - Death Cab For Cutie 5. Unopened Letter To The World - The Ataris 6. You're A God - Vertical Horizon 7. Love Song - The Cure 8. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making - Straylight Run...
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    Soundwave Festival

    Can't wait for this! So glad Thursday replaced Chiodos! Sideshows have been announced :D
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    92.00. yay im stoked! :D SAM predicted 91.90 JUAI predicted 91.50
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    Official HSC results.

    Economics - 43/100 - 80/100 - 62 - 3 (LOL!) English (Adv) - 88/100 - 88/100 - 88 - 5 Ext 1 English - 40/50 - 33/50 - 37 - E3 Food Tech - 89/100 - 89/100 - 89 - 5 (bloody hell) Legal Studies - 87/100 - 84/100 - 86 - 5 Mathematics - 90/100 - 90/100 - 90 - 6 Ext 1 Maths - 39/50 - 39/50 - 39 - E3...
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    yeah i go to sleep around 3-4am so ill be staying up also.
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    i hate waiting.. i wanna know already. starting to think "what if i get a 70 or 60 uai.. or what if they mark my exam wrong" hahaha :|
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    Official assessment rankings. log in and then click assessment.
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    Official assessment rankings.

    surprisingly i came 2nd in eco. lmao. i did so bad in the external.. didn't even try. i wonder if that fucked everyone's marks up? overall the rankings were what i expected so im happy.. except ext. 1 eng i could have done a lot better.
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    legal studies

    i agree, it was a good way to finish! really good exam :D
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    legal studies

    yay for last exam! chucked an all-nighter.. there's too much to remember! :'( hope they give us something easy for the crime section.
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    General Thoughts

    Yeap I agree. It was a good exam. :)
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    anyone else de-motivated?

    im prob gonna leave in first hour. not studying for it at all. will be lulz.
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    Oh Fuck I Missed Physics Exam

    ROFL. okay calm down. at least you can say "I've finished the hsc!" ...earlier than you expected.
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    Oh Fuck I Missed Physics Exam

    LOL. are you being serious? aren't they meant to let you sit the exam anyway.. how late were you? hahahha. lucky you do 12 units. you'll get your hsc still dw.
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    Let's Liven up the Food Tech Forum!!

    meh it's only food tech.. LOL not really. i want a band 6 in it pleaseeeeee.