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    Conics help

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance! I need help with part 3 of this question The ellipse E1 has equation x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2=1 and ellipse E2 has equation x^2/b^2 + y^2/a^2=1. The point P(x0,y0) lies outside both E1 and E2. i) Find all the points of intersection of E1 and E2 ii) The...
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    Atar estimate

    School rank: 1 English Advanced: 6/158 English Extension I: 14/123 Mathematics extension I: 2/152 Mathematics extension II: 6/120 Chemistry: 21/140 Physics: 25/120
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    Hard perms and combs question

    Sorry for bombarding with questions but I really don't know how to approach this question :( Teach me the logic behind these questions pls :) Thanks in advance From the letters of the word WOOLLOOMOOLOO four letters are hosen are chosen at random Find the number of ways that (i) No O’s...
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    Electricity Help :(

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance Q. A student set up an electrical circuit as show in the diagram below (attached). All the globes are of the same power and the batteries are the same voltage. The switches were closed and all the globes glowed brightly in the circuit. a) If each globe was...
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    Polynomials zzz

    Hey every1 thnx in advance! Denote a-alpha b-beta c-gamma a,b and c are roots of the polynomial x^3-2x^2-5x-1=0. Find the equation with the roots 1/√a , 1/√b and 1/√c (1 on root alpha, 1 on root beta, 1 on root Gamma)
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    Geometry of the Parabola

    Hey every1 hehe thnx in advance :) P is a variable point on the parabola x^2=4y. The normal at P meets the parabola again at Q.The tangents at P and Q meet at T. S is the focus and QS=2PS Prove that angle PSQ is right angle
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    Perms and Combs help :)

    Hey everyone! Thanx in advance :) Q. Four boys and four girls sit around two concentric circles such that there are four in each circle. In how many ways can they be seated if: 1. There are no restrictions? 2. Three particular boys do not sit together?
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    Binomials Help :)

    Hello I need help with part C of the question. Thanks in advance! ^^
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    Binomial Theorem

    Hey every1 I need help for questions 2 and 4
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    Help me with this question >_<

    Q: At high temperatures aluminium metal reacts with chlorine gas to form a gaseous compound X. When a student mixed an excess of aluminium with 1L of chlorine gas, she found that after complete reaction of the chlorine there was 333mL of compound X formed ( all volumes measured at same temp &...
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    Hi everyone thanks in advance! A particle moves along a straight line and its acceleration when it is moving at velocity v m/s is numerically equal to a=-(100+v^2) m/s^2. Its initial speed is 10 m/s 1. Find the distance travelled before the particle comes to a rest 2. Find the time...
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    Parametric Equations

    Hey everyone thnx in advance!! Normal to the parabola x=2at, y=at^2 from points P(2ap,ap^2) and Q(2aq,aq^2) intersect at N. Find the equation of the locus of N if PQ passes through the point (0,3a)
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    Need some answers!

    Hey everyone! I need some possible answers to this question: Outline the factors which businesses and individuals take into account when deciding what to produce and consume. Any answers would be appreciated thank you ^^
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    Mathematical Induction

    Hey every 1 ty in advance ^^ Prove that 3^(3n) + 2^(n+2) is divisible by 5 for all integers n greater than or equal to 1
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    Further Absolute Value

    Hey every1 I have some questions here that I need an easier way to graph with. 1. | x+y | + | y | + | x-y | = 12 Do I really have to consider all 6 cases here!! 2. | x+y | + | x-y | + | x | + | y | = 12 Like seriously... how many cases do you even need to consider here..
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    Hey every 1 there are two questions here. Btw the integral is over the entire thing in the first question. Ty in advance :)
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    Implicit differentiation

    Hey everyone thanks in advance! :) Question is attached below
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    Simpson's rule

    Hey every1 thanks in advance :) Use the extended form of Simpson's rule to find an approximation to ∫1/x dx (integrate from 1-2) using: a)4 sub-intervals
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    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance :) The letters of the word PRINTER are arranged in a row. Find the probability that there are at least three letters between N and T. I keep arriving at 4/7 but the answer says 2/7. Can anyone find flaws in my working out ty:) P(at least three letters...
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    Hey all thanks in advance :) Consider the digits 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Find how many five-digit numbers are possible if the digits are to be in: a) descending order b) ascending order Combination doesn't seem to work here... either that or I'm thinking wrong ;p