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  1. seremify007

    Next generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X)

    Anyone excited about these? I have to admit they both seem a bit 'meh' in terms of launch titles but I'm optimistic about the Xbox and it's full backwards compatibility. Whilst I realise there aren't going to be console exclusives which I can't get on PC, I do love TV gaming.
  2. seremify007

    Playstation 5

    Given last night's reveal, anyone interested? I've learnt my lesson not to buy a Playstation because of Gran Turismo previews. There's no guarantee it'll come out anytime soon, and even when it does, it may not actually be that great anymore (although despite me saying this I have bought every...
  3. seremify007

    Chromebooks - does anyone use them?

    I'm generally a heavy power user of my PC and Chrome (lol I even have 64gb of RAM because of Chrome?) but have been most curious about trying out a Chromebook just as a "spare" laptop or 2-in-1 which I can chuck around and not worry about breaking it or damaging it. Whilst I love my Razer Blade...
  4. seremify007

    PC builds

    After watching a lot of Youtube channels eg Linus, LGR, GamersNexus, etc... (and playing PC Building Sim), I've decided to build my own PC. Have many of you done this?
  5. seremify007

    Tekken 7

    Anyone else playing Tekken 7? It's so nice to have it on PC!
  6. seremify007

    Cadetships 2017

    A new 2017 thread to cover cadetships/traineeships/etc. for accounting/finance/etc roles. It's not clear which firms will be offering positions and in which areas just yet (at time of me posting this) but I'm sure it'll become known over time. Previous threads...
  7. seremify007

    Nintendo Switch

    If you don't know what it is, here's the original trailer from last October: And here's a newer video from the recent presentation. To me, it's a shade under AU$500 and I'm not too sure I want to invest in another Nintendo platform given the Wii U wasn't a great investment despite it...
  8. seremify007

    Frameless glasses - yay or nay?

    Are frameless (rimless) glasses cool? I like them but my best friend said they're out of fashion now :(
  9. seremify007

    Forza Horizon 3

    Anyone playing this? Been a while since we had any racing game base itself on any recognisable parts of Australia (PGR2 anyone?). Whilst there are some obvious inaccuracies in the map from a realism perspective, I'm finding it quite enjoyable to play. Even better is the cross play between my...
  10. seremify007

    My new dilemma when picking a car.

    My wife doesn't have her P's which means the new prohibited cars list applies - and we only have one parking spot. Other than the milder GLC250d which is permitted, and the C300 coupe (which is under review), the rest aren't permitted :( :( :( I was so excited by the new CLA45/GLA45 or if...
  11. seremify007

    Pokemon Go

    How is there not a Pokemon Go thread yet?
  12. seremify007

    Steam Summer Sale 2016

    I said I had enough games to last me a lifetime and no need to buy any... but alas, the Steam Summer sale came by. So far: Prison Architect - always wanted this so might as well Saints Row IV - haven't played the series since first one but at <$5 why not Monkey Island series - haven't...
  13. seremify007

    Xbox Play Anywhere

    I have to admit this was an announcement which excited me from E3... the thought of being able to buy once (e.g. Forza Horizon 3 - which looks pretty slick being based in Australia!) and then play on both my Xbox One and my Windows PC/laptop is pretty sweet with stats/progress all staying in...
  14. seremify007

    New Top Gear (season 23 onwards)

    I have to admit it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes it's a little bit forced with some of the new presenters but it's not as bad as say, Top Gear Australia when it launched. They were able to take quite a few elements of the Top Gear series and tweak it a bit such that the presenters...
  15. seremify007

    Overwatch - who is playing?

    Just wondering... I can't decide which platform to buy for. The reviews seem good and a lot of coverage online of it (poor Battleborn). PC - best controls and probably best graphics even on my midrange gaming laptop (i7-6700HQ, GTX960m 4gb, 16gb ram) PS4 - most friends on here and hence...
  16. seremify007

    Laptop Cooling Pads

    Does anyone here have one? I realise that; a) my new laptop gets hot easily; and gets noisy too. b) the angle is not that comfortable to type on (same for my work laptop which I'm using right now) c) the laptop keyboard I'm using now also gets a bit warm So all in all, getting a laptop...
  17. seremify007

    Finally bought an inexpensive gaming laptop

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Core i7-6700HQ 8gb DDR3L GTX 960m 4gb 1TB SSHD 4K touch screen display So far so good. Definitely a lot more powerful than my i5 Surface Pro 4. The lack of SSD definitely feels a bit slower though despite the SSHD so I bought a Samsung 850 SSD m2 on the same day and fitted...
  18. seremify007

    Fresh off the Boat

    Anyone here watch it? Apart from the Korean guy playing a Chinese guy, I do find it quite entertaining and lighthearted - especially because I can relate to it. My fiancé's remark was it's like an Asian modern family.
  19. seremify007

    Playstation VR - game changer?

    At $550 it isn't cheap but it's affordable. I'm most interested to see how it works in practice and not just a tech demo spree - loads of potential. Not sure if being tethered to a cord at my couch is that much better than playing on a big TV but I'm up for trying it. Hope I don't get dizzy.
  20. seremify007


    We got Fitbit Flex (the cheap basic one) at work the other day (also required us to 'share' our health data with our employer) but I'm curious if people find their fitbits useful after the initial novelty has worn off. I feel a bit odd wearing one with my Apple Watch on the other hand but I do...