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    Hey guys, I just got invited into the SSP for the second semester of chem. Was just wondering if anyone has taken this course, and what are your thoughts on this course. I'm having a hard time deciding on whether I should pick it. Thanks :)
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    Math2065 vs math2068

    Hi guys, I'm deciding between math2065 and math2068 for next semester. Math2065 looks more interesting to me as I like applied mathematics more. However my degree recommends I do math2068/math2988. I can do both, but I can only do one of the units next semester. Which should I choose next...
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    Volunteering vs Work Experience

    Hi guys I was just looking for some advice and a second opinion. Currently I have found a job and volunteering experience. Unfortunately due to timetabling issues (usyd problems) I have to decide between them. The job is more related to my degree but I'm only a trainee and the job isn't really...
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    timetable question

    Hey guys, I'm trying to customise my timetable by getting into this Monday class. When I looked at the timetable unit website it says on the monday class that "∗ Movement from an alternate class in this subject to this class is restricted." Does this mean the class is full? Or does it mean I can...
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    o-week volunteer interviews

    Hey guys i got a interview tomorrow for o-week volunteers. The email stated that it's not a competitive or formal interview, so what would the dress code be then? Thanks guys!
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    Hey guys I have a couple of questions about coop 1. Will Co-op have the textbooks for second semester available? 2. Do they sell lab coats here? 3. How do you buy stuff at Co-op? Do they have the textbooks on the shelves and you take the ones you need to the counter or do we have to line up...
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    Blackboard is confusing...

    Hey guys, I just logged into Blackboard and found out that I needed a white lab coat for BIOL1001 practicals and and a Lab Manual for week 1 practicals. Where can I buy a lab coat at uni? Also is the lab manual necessary? Also when I tried to open the lecture notes for CHEM1101 on Blackboard...
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    Should I buy textbooks??

    As per Carrotsticks' suggestion... I'm currently doing in semester 1: EDUF1018 BIOL1001 CHEM1101 MATH1001 MATH1002 and in semester 2: EDUF1019 BIOL1002 CHEM1102 MATH1003 MATH1004 For the people who have done these units, for which of these units should I buy a textbook and/or...
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    Textbook question

    Is it a good idea to buy textbooks now? Or should I just wait later? Also I hear people talking about selling "readers", what is a "reader" exactly?
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    Student Start-up Scholarship question

    On my youth allowance notice, it said "you must study for at least the first 35 days from the date of qualification of this payment". When is the date of qualification? Is it the same as my youth allowance qualification date? (I just applied for youth allowance 3 weeks ago)
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    Timetable question

    When do we have to stop changing our timetable, i.e. stop making customisations to it?
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    Youth Allowance results

    How will centrelink inform me the results of my claim for youth allowance, i.e. rejected or approved?
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    Applying for concession card

    Hi guys! So I'm a new student and I declared my eligibility status for the travel declaration concession. When do I collect my travel concession card? Or do I need to fill in something else?
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    changing units- from normal to advanced

    Hey guys! I just enrolled and I only picked normal level units for maths and science. I wasn't even aware there were advanced units =='. Is it possible to change this, because I fit the prerequisites for the advanced courses... :( Thanks
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    Practical Work

    I'm hoping to do the Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science degree in 2014 at USYD. For anybody studying this course or any education course, I was just wondering what years do you do practical work, i.e. teach in schools? And how long does this prac. work last...
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    Bachelor of Commerce/ Law

    I didn't get a high enough ATAR for USYD or UNSW, is MAC any good for this degree and what type of jobs are there for this degree... Which major for commerce has most job oppportunities...
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    Bachelor of Commerce and Business/ Law

    The degree above has assumed knowledge for Advanced English... I didn't do advanced english I did standard. Will I cope or should I take a bridging course?
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    Medical/ Health Science careers

    Hi guys! So I've head from a variety of people different things about the future of medical/ health science careers, such as pharmacy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc... Some say it's not a good career as you cant advance upwards, some say it is going to have a higher demand in the...
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    Hey guys! I'm a bit torn between UAC preference choices... I really want to do education, but I've heard that first year teachers are often placed in very crappy school, i.e. disadvantaged school in areas of violence and what not. I really do like teaching but I'm a bit afraid of being placed in...
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    Teaching Vs. Pharmacy

    Which has better job prospects? Teaching or Pharmacy?