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  1. tonystark546hs

    Maths Advanced Signpost Year 10

    If anyone has this pdf please send!!!
  2. tonystark546hs

    Abstract Reasoning

    For the HAST exam next year, I was wondering if abstract reasoning is patterns etc, or problem-solving and letter to word questions (general ability). If you have any links you used to prep or something that was similar please link them down below! Thank you
  3. tonystark546hs

    Fees for enrolling

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I were to apply for two selective schools in year 11 and the enrolment fee was $100 to do the HAST exam, does that mean I have to pay $100 to both schools or just one? Thanks
  4. tonystark546hs

    Fort Street Interviews

    Hi, If anyone has received any interview can you please reply to this thread thanks :)