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    Scaling – You, Your Friends, and the HSC

    Internal: The marks of your school assessments External: The marks of your HSC exams Cohort: The other students in your year at your school If you do well in the externals, a good internal mark and a good cohort will raise your final mark If you do well in the externals, a bad internal mark...
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    The Complete Visual Technique List

    1 -shots – Are used to describe shots framing one person. Similarly, is 2 shot and 3 shot for the respective number of people. 4th wall – The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage. A-Roll – The main shot in an interview or documentary. Aerial perspective – The effect...
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    Creative Writing: What NOT to do

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    The Complete Literary Technique List

    Abstract Language - Language describing ideas and qualities rather than observable or specific things, people, or places. Acronym - Using the first letter of each word in a long name to represent the name pronounced as a word. Active Verb - The subject of the sentence carries action of...
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    Soundwave Line-up Released

    SOUNDWAVE 2014 DATES Brisbane: RNA Showgrounds, February 22 Sydney: Olympic Park, February 23 Melbourne: Flemington Racecourse, February 28 Adelaide: Bonython Park, March 1 Perth: Claremont Showgrounds, March, 3 Listed as Performing Green Day Avenged Sevenfold Stone Temple Pilots...
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    University Open Days

    Share your plans on the upcoming University Open Days. Who's going? A current list of dates: ANU: August 31 Canberra: August 31 UND: August 31 USYD: August 31 UNSW@ADFA: August 31 UTS: August 31 UWS: September 1 UNSW: September 7 ACU: September 7 Macquarie: September 14 Southern Cross Coffs...
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    Search Function

    We are aware that there are problems with the current search function. The search function permeates much of the site, and therefore, problems may occur when attempting to access posts and similar functions. We ask that the community please be patient, and we are currently working on the best...
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    7-Eleven Slurpee (Container Day)

    Deal for today. Take any container (within reason) to a 7-11 and fill it up for $2.90. One guy had a goon sack, and another chick brought an teapot. Make it as big as possible. Rice containers, fishbowls, blenders all work well.
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    Subs or Dubs

    Subtitled or audio dubbing. Which do you prefer when watching foreign films?
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    Harvest Festival Line-Up

    Harvest Festival 2012 Line up Anybody going/want to go? Chromatics would be my main reason to. Fuck Buttons, Sigur, Beck and Ben Folds would be amazing as well.
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    Critical Study: Hamlet

    The following is a collection of resources for Hamlet: The Story: http://www.william-shakespeare.info/script-text-hamlet.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet http://absoluteshakespeare.com/guides/hamlet/summary/hamlet_summary.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0CqUTmwKiM Basic Notes...
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    Kit-Kat & Pedobear Social Media Campaign

    http://www.smh.com.au/business/media-and-marketing/pedobear-ruins-nestles-facebook-party-20120719-22byy.html Thought? I think it definitely shows the need for greater online awareness for marketers.
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    Drama Past Papers & Examiner Notes

    Linked here is the 1995-2010 past papers and examiner notes for the HSC Drama exam Drama Exams: http://www.mediafire.com/?h889r2srvc4pd18 Drama Examiner Notes: http://www.mediafire.com/?b8b5xxfsaslunuc NOTE: You will need a zip program like 7-Zip, IZArc, or WinZip to open the file.
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    Roger Ebert's 2010 Film List

    http://www.worstpreviews.com/headline.php?id=20063&count=0 Top ten films of 2010 according to film critic Roger Ebert: 1. The Social Network 2. The Kings Speech 3. Black Swan 4. I Am Love 5. Winter's Bone 6. Inception 7. The Secret in their Eyes 8. The American 9. Kids Are All Right 10. The...
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    little question

    You'd hope so.
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    For those of you who are frustrated that demonoid is never open for registration, you're in luck. At the moment its open, so get in while you can.
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    Ok, so I've done a quick search for this and came up with no threads, so I decided to make one. What do people think of this genre? Favourite bands? Is it the most extreme form of metal? I've been listening to a lot of Carcass recently.While all there stuff isn't grind, enough is to deserve a...
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    Jackson Five Tour

    Source: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/jackson-brothers-to-tour-australian/story-e6frfn09-1225831078890 What does everyone think about this? Would anyone here go?
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    Onstage 2010: Best of 09 HSC

    To those who are going, or have already gone, to onSTAGE this year. Which program did you see? Which performances did you like?
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    Online Story Copyright

    Ok, so I'm in the process of writing a theatre script, to be performed as a non-profit uni based performance. The problem is that it is based upon a short story I read on an internet foum. The owner hasn't official registered the work as copyright. I don'[t know whether it would be covered by...