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    CSU accomodation

    anybody have any ideas about preferences for this yet (at bathurst campus) ?
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    ahhh :D...IM INTO UNI!!!!

    :D I GOT IN!!!! has anyone else been accepted to uni through the PREP scheme yet??...i got a letter today congratulating me on being selected to study my course of choice! i'll definately be at CSU now...Lazy/ i come!!! & i dont have to worry about writing all those...
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    Whats so bad about...

    CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY I mean i know the campuses are in regional centres, not squashed into some suburbs...but CSU never gets a mention. Has anyone bothered to visit campuses? or are uni chosen by you on the basis of prestige?? Anyone have any terrible stories about it? Does...
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    Please explain 'general' essay

    ok ok so im worried now, ive seen some posts referring to the use of a 'general' essay, which apparently is adaptable to most?? situations. well i had a think about this, and i have no idea. English definately is not my forte. id really really appreciate it if someone could provide me with an...