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  1. hamstar


    Out of all the days in October, it has to be the coldest on our English Exams. It is the most pressurised exam and on top of that our examination hall is going to be freezing + I think our school will turn on the air-conditioner. :mad: :rage: :mad:
  2. hamstar

    Belonging Essay ADVICE

    Hey guys, i just needed advice for AOS essay If you have prepared and memorised quotes and techniques for an essay on Identity, and it turns out that the essay is on choice/barriers or something which is irrelevant to what you have memorised, how will you go about answering the question.
  3. hamstar

    HSC English Creative Advice

    Let say if the question says to write a creative using the central element of a picture/statement. Am i supposed to let the markers know which picture/statement i am using or would the markers be able to figure it out.