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    ****STATE RANKING MATHS TUTOR !! 99.20 ATAR | Cabramatta/Fairfield Region

    Hey everyone :) My name's Jason, and I graduated in the class of 2013 with an ATAR of 99.20. I'm going to be studying a B Actuarial Studies/B Adv Maths at UNSW. I will be offering private tuition for Mathematics yrs 9-12 (2u - Ext. 2) in the Cabramatta/Fairfield Region, aimed to help smash that...
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    Which past papers are the best for physics and chemistry?

    So I'm aiming for 90+ for Physics and 93+ for chem. I've finished the success one HSC books for both (2001 - 2012 HSC) and now I'm unsure of what school's past papers to do. Does anyone have any recommendations? Which school's papers would be most close in 'imitating' the HSC? OR Which paper do...