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    More Trig Help *Thanks Guys* :)

    19 b qr/sinb=a/2sin90 (sin rule) qr=sinb*a*1/2 yea also b is 45 degrees cause like triangles and it bisects cos(45)^2=1/2 cos(b)^2=1/2 qr=sinb*a*cos(b)^2 20 im not bothered but like if you apply the symmetry on the two triangles and minus like big from small you should get it i think.
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    NGO & SONS there should save you a couple of thousands.
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    proofs question

    for part a) Expand right hand side bring terms to the left factorise by (a-b) so u get (a^2-b^2)(a-b) so youll get (a+b)(a-b)^2 which should right
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    Urgent Need help for English Ext 1

    feels too much like an essay and not a story. A regretful act changed his feelings- What feelings? Ewart hated that he had to share this minuscule house with four other families, which alienated the word privacy to him until he witnessed a mansion in the city from the outside that had...
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    Mod C Creative Help

    This feels like a synopsis to a novel, it wont work as a shorty story imo. Human psychology being the focal point of your narrative is just too hard to write about with word limits. Katherine Mansfield (read psychology) does this well, but her short stories are like 10 pages long. Sure...
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    Year 11 Selective test 2020

    Very risky moving to St Marys since you're entering unknown terrain during an integral part of your life and adapting will take time. Its honestly a gamble, since you're essentially going into the school blind not knowing how ur teachers/peers will be. In addition, you get a mixed bag of...
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    Year 11 Selective test 2020

    Mate school doesn't matter. At the end of the day, your ATAR is a reflection of your work ethic and determination.
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    Is NGO and Sons good?

    Not right now due to online classes.
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    two things. adderal and flashcards.
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    Should I Drop It?

    Engineering is a maths infested degree. Hell most of the mathematics you do and learn in engineering is 4 unit. DO NOT DROP IT.