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  1. Ahmed A

    Accounting Cadetships...

    Who got an accounting cadetship at a firm other than the big 4 and at which one?
  2. Ahmed A

    Macquarie and UNSW... Quickest route?

    Heyy everyone! Does anyone here know the quickest route by car from UNSW to Macquarie Uni?? Help would be much greatly appreciated Thank you Take care all :)
  3. Ahmed A

    Unsw Open Day Help!

    hallo! umm how is everyone going to get to UNSW on saturday?? Seeing that APEC is on and the diplomats are landing at randwick airport.. i take it the roads r out of the question...?? how about trains? the bankstown line is being repaired so i guess thats out of the question too (i.e. cannot be...
  4. Ahmed A

    Bonus marks at UTS!?!

    Yesterday i attended the UTS info day and whilst i was at the business section i spoke to the woman in the economics/finance section. We spoke for a while and she then asked for which subjects i was doing. I told her that i was doing Advanced English, 2 Unit Maths, Business Studies, Legal...
  5. Ahmed A

    2003 HSC paper

    heyy, who has attempted part (b) of question 10 of the 2003 HSC paper??? jus wana know how u found it if youve done it :) if you havnt done it try it...
  6. Ahmed A

    What's the best thing about your school?

    come on! lol wats the best aspect of ur skool (considering there is any, bearing in mind this is skool we are talking about :) )
  7. Ahmed A

    Citizen Kane....

    any1 study citizen kane 4 section2?? i.e. critical analysis of texts... coz it seems a minority nd i r the only people who hav done it (havnt found any1 in that minority yet lol) ????
  8. Ahmed A

    Early morning Vs. Late night Studying...

    which type do you guys find more effective? 1. staying up late and studying and/or 2. waking up early and studying?? me personally i think waking up early better suits me but im interested in wat u guys think coz this was a heated debate at my skool lately thanx much :D:D
  9. Ahmed A

    The 8th Ofnovember?!?!

    is any1 else other than me peed of that legal studies is the 8th of november?? its a bit too late dnt u think..? lolz coz my exam b4 legal is 2 unit maths which is the 29th of oct giving me lyk 11 days till legal i dont think id b able to handle my nerves that long...:bomb: