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  1. Ahmed A

    CADETSHIP people.

    Heyy All of my friends at MQ are doing cadetships loll not sure if you're one of them?? :P
  2. Ahmed A

    legal studies

    Excellent exam!!! ++++++++ loved it lots mwa mwa i miss you paper :)
  3. Ahmed A

    So who's screwed for legal studies?

    Finalllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! It Has Finally Come!!! One More Sleep Good Luck Everyone Doing Legal 2moroo!!! :D:D:D
  4. Ahmed A

    07ers End-of-school Meat

    lol between christmas and march is 2 months. everyone would be busy from now till schoolies and from schoolies till christmas just my 2 cents worth :)
  5. Ahmed A

    Dropped Legal Studies...

    Legal Studies drains like craaaaaazy :O big bore if you ask me
  6. Ahmed A

    Long break in between HSC exams, anyone?

    lmao congrats on finishing 2moro... clarify other things ;P
  7. Ahmed A

    Accounting Cadetships...

    lol ahh k fair enough. I was going to do a double degree also, and so was my friend. She landed a spot at WW&R. She's decided that she'll do the business degree now part time and possibly the law degree later on..
  8. Ahmed A

    Legal Studies Scaling

    do you only need a 70 UAI to get into B Business at UWS? which campus btw..?
  9. Ahmed A

    Long break in between HSC exams, anyone?

    I've been waiting from the 29th of October (2 unit maths) till the 8th of november (legal studies), i've spent the last 5 days studying continuously, just praying for it to hurry up and finish!
  10. Ahmed A

    Accounting Cadetships...

    I landed one at the audit office of nsw... y didnt u take it up?
  11. Ahmed A

    Accounting Cadetships...

    Who got an accounting cadetship at a firm other than the big 4 and at which one?
  12. Ahmed A

    So who's screwed for legal studies?

    What's legal studies?
  13. Ahmed A

    So what can I throw out?

    lmaoo that's a mad way of putting it. True that! Since I too didn't rely on any previous year 12 stutent's notes, others shouldn't too. But then again, they still have the WHOLE one year of year 12 to go, which is plenty of time to think about it :D
  14. Ahmed A

    Starting year 12

    Year 11!?! Doesn't that mean one whole more year to go??? :p
  15. Ahmed A

    So, who's finished?

    Darn legal... They had to keep the best till last didn't they... :p Oh well, i've spent the last month or so seeing how far apart the time between monday and thursday is, and on some weeks its long whilst others (like this week), the time flew Fingered crossed for next week Good luck for all...
  16. Ahmed A

    So what can I throw out?

    Keep all the maths papers Burn everything else :D
  17. Ahmed A

    Your Exam Supervisors

    It was chocolate, choc-chip too! :) It kind of made me semi-forget I was in the middle of my business exam. But yeah, when you've got to indulge, you've got to indulge :P
  18. Ahmed A

    Your Exam Supervisors

    Our exam supervisors are really nice. They give us plenty of time at the end to fill in our student and centre number on each and every page and have the notion to just 'get it over and done with' which is a plus. Also, my stomach started to grumble in my business exam, so one of the supervisors...
  19. Ahmed A


    I've studied for the majority of my exams at home, well come to look at it, i've studied for all my exams at home. :) Yesterday though, seeing I had 9 days to study for legal, I decided to go to the local library to 'study', which resulted in hanging out with half of my mates and evidently being...
  20. Ahmed A

    Left Handers

    I'm a lefty too! And my mate is a lefty... he wrote two booklets for each section in english paper 1 on friday and I wrote one booklet for each So its definately up to that person and their capacity to write. I just keep reminding myself 'its quality not quantity' so its all good :)