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  1. teeah

    UNSW Medical Application Closing Time

    Just out of curiosity, what time tomorrow will the online applications no longer be available for completion? 5pm? 12am? Thanks :)
  2. teeah

    ATAR estimate :)

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I could get an estimate/range with my final ranks now? Biology: 1/63 Chemistry: 1/52 Physics: 6/29 English ADV: 2/64 English Extension 1: 2/8 English Extension 2: 2/4 School Rank: 150's. Thanks :)
  3. teeah

    Major Works due in a few days...

    Where are we all at? :)
  4. teeah

    Last Term of Y12

    How are we feeling about this? Sad? Scared? Pumped? Personally, I'm pretty excited to start uni. If only the HSC wasn't in the way. :)
  5. teeah

    James Cook Uni Medicine

    Hi guys, Not sure if I've posted in the right section, but I was wondering if someone could give me an indication of the sort of ATAR required to secure an interview at JC? I.e. amazing application = ATAR X not so amazing application = ATAR Y That sort of thing. Don't know if this is...
  6. teeah

    Molar Heat of Combustion - just clarifying

    Just wanted to make sure that I have cone this correctly: Heated 0.142g of ethanol, temp increase = 10DC, mass of water = 100 Calculate heat of combustion per mole: deltaH = -mCdeltaT = -100 x 4.18 x 10 = -4180J n(C2H5OH) = m/mm = 0.142/12.01x2+1.008x6+16 = 71/23034 -4180/71/23034 =...
  7. teeah

    UMAT Tutor in Parra?

    Hi there, Pretty self explanatory, just looking for a tutor to help me prep within the next couple of months for UMAT, in the Parramatta area. Please PM me if you're interested or know of someone who may be. Thanks, :)
  8. teeah

    NSW Electricity Grid

    Hi there :) Im trying to complete my physics assignment right now but I'm finding it a bit difficult to find information beyond my textbook from school. It's on the NSW electricity grid basically about how it functions and details on its components, so if anyone has any links feel free to help...
  9. teeah

    Secondary Source Assessments

    Hi everyone, This sort of spreads across all the sciences, not just bio, but since that's first for me, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about how to prepare for secondary source assessment tasks; like where you go into class and get a whole bunch of sources and answer questions based...
  10. teeah

    Narrative form?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if someone could explain the idea of narrative form to me; I've gotten a few different answers about what it's supposed to be, things such as the structure of the story, techniques in the story and choice of layout, and I'm really not sure about how to justify my choice...
  11. teeah

    How's everyone going?

    Hey everyone, just wondering how everyone's going in terms of MW development/first drafts/reports/whatever? (:
  12. teeah

    Ready for School Tomorrow?

    Pretty self explanatory, just wondering where everyone's at with their prep for this term/holiday homework/whatever you may call it? :)
  13. teeah

    UMAT Drills

    Hi guys, just wondering if it's just me or if anyone else has noticed that the Eureka section 3 drills on the MedEntry LMS Site are significantly easier than the other practice section 3 questions (i.e. from the Trial Exam). Is it supposed to be like that? Thanks :)
  14. teeah

    Projectile Motion Question

    Hey just wondering if someone could give this a go: A 30kg object, A, was fired from a cannon in projectile motion. When the projectile was at its maximum height of 25m, its speed was 20ms^-1 An identical object, B was attached to a mechanical arm and moved at a constant speed of 20ms^-1 in a...
  15. teeah

    Pathways of stars of 1, 5 and 10 solar masses.

    Hi guys, just wondering if someone could provide me with a quick summary of this?
  16. teeah

    2012 Astophysicists!

    It seems like astro is pretty much empty, so just wondering who's doing it in 2012?