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    Conics help

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance! I need help with part 3 of this question The ellipse E1 has equation x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2=1 and ellipse E2 has equation x^2/b^2 + y^2/a^2=1. The point P(x0,y0) lies outside both E1 and E2. i) Find all the points of intersection of E1 and E2 ii) The...
  2. J

    A call from Baulkham Hills

    Lmaoo same thing happened to me 2 years ago and I also missed the phone call. Basically they're offering you an interview which is really just a formalities thing (dealing with pressure, stress, transport, hobbies etc...). Pretty much u made it well done!!
  3. J

    north syd girls interview

    Hey great job for making it this far! As far as I'm concerned for most selective schools the interviews are usually just a formality thing and they're just seeing whether ur not actually mental or anything. You're pretty much in lmao
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    Need help in regards to getting into a selective school for Year 11.

    As a transfer Ruse student, I can confidently assert that our selection committee overlooks the school rankings and focuses on your achievements in report and extracurriculars. For your reference we had 5 transfers out of 24 that were from a comprehensive that was all ranked 100+ So don't be...
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    How can i study for prelims 2U over the holidays?

    I recommend Cambridge year 11 3u, if you want harder questions. But keep in mind there are no worked solutions, only answers :(((((((. LIKE WHAT THE HELL CAMBRIDGE. YOU MAKE OUR LIVES SO HARD But I'm sure you can find pdf versions of worked solutions somewhere in the dark web.
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    Year 11 2018 Premlim

    I was also rather concerned about how I should be studying for my subjects, since I transferred from a mediocre comprehensive high to Ruse (This year). Honestly, for maths I grinded through every single question in Cambridge prelim 3u during the long holidays and attempted some past papers from...
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    Atar estimate

    School rank: 1 English Advanced: 6/158 English Extension I: 14/123 Mathematics extension I: 2/152 Mathematics extension II: 6/120 Chemistry: 21/140 Physics: 25/120
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    Sydney Girls & Baulko Application

    I had the same dilemma as you :0. I just accepted my offer from NSBHS and got my parents to call the school up once a letter of offer came from Ruse to decline :).
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    Hard perms and combs question

    For question 1, since you can only choose from 1 w , 1 M, 3 L and you need to choose 4, wouldn't there be only 3 cases. MLLL, WLLL, MWLL. The order is not important since the question states how many ways of choosing which implicates combination
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    Hard perms and combs question

    For question iv) wouldn't you also include a case with no zeros?
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    Hard perms and combs question

    Sorry for bombarding with questions but I really don't know how to approach this question :( Teach me the logic behind these questions pls :) Thanks in advance From the letters of the word WOOLLOOMOOLOO four letters are hosen are chosen at random Find the number of ways that (i) No O’s...
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    NSBHS or HAHS???

    Well it depends on where you live. I'd choose North Sydney though :)
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    Electricity Help :(

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance Q. A student set up an electrical circuit as show in the diagram below (attached). All the globes are of the same power and the batteries are the same voltage. The switches were closed and all the globes glowed brightly in the circuit. a) If each globe was...
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    Polynomials zzz

    Ahh I see now thanks Fluff and Pikachoooo!
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    Inequalities help!!!

    Bill that question's not gonna appear on our test lmao. Webber told us remember? Only basic identities lmao
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    Polynomials zzz

    Hey can I ask how you obtained y=1/sqrt(x) :)
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    Polynomials zzz

    Hey every1 thnx in advance! Denote a-alpha b-beta c-gamma a,b and c are roots of the polynomial x^3-2x^2-5x-1=0. Find the equation with the roots 1/√a , 1/√b and 1/√c (1 on root alpha, 1 on root beta, 1 on root Gamma)
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    Geometry of the Parabola

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Geometry of the Parabola

    Hey every1 hehe thnx in advance :) P is a variable point on the parabola x^2=4y. The normal at P meets the parabola again at Q.The tangents at P and Q meet at T. S is the focus and QS=2PS Prove that angle PSQ is right angle