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  1. Q

    Game of Thrones

    Season two wooooooooo. I never realized how good of an actor Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) is. Game of Thrones? Anyone? Anyone?
  2. Q


    Hi guise. Can I have three estimates for me and a friend with a split personality. Both of us go to a ranked 30 school. One Physics- 50/110 Eco- 20/90 IPT- 3/6 Ext Maths- 75/144 2U Maths- 100/144 Adv English - 80/150 Two Physics- 15/110 Music 2- 1/8 Music Ext- 1/6 Maths- who cares Maths Ext 1-...
  3. Q

    DET Laptops

    Are we able to take the Year 9 laptops overseas without any consequences? I’ve heard rumors that when they track your laptop overseas they think it’s stolen and they shut it down. Thanks in advance, qrpw