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  1. kendallkreene

    Is this sufficient enough for a 3 marker?

    Briefly outline Greek at Pompeii and Herculaneum. In your answer, use Source A and your own knowledge. Greek influences at Pompeii and Herculaneum are seen in their art and religion. Source A is a particular example of Greek influence emanating through artistic creation, as this mosaic...
  2. kendallkreene


    For the short-answer question: Outline the events leading to the 1918 Armistice - Do we mention only the events leading to the 1918 Armistice or the signing and procedures of the 1918 Armistice itself as well?
  3. kendallkreene

    Help for life after HSC

    Hey, Over the years I have fallen in love with writing stories and composing music. So I really want to continue some "formal" sort of study in English/literature and Music. However, I obviously need a proper job and I don't want to go into teaching, which is essentially the only "proper...
  4. kendallkreene

    In an Ancient History exam, will there ever be...

    A question with a picture of, let's say, a thermapolium or brothel bed, but not mentioning that it is a thermapolium or brothel bed, asks what it is? For example: What type of public building is the picture above?
  5. kendallkreene


    If German submarines sank 259 British ships in 1915, and 436 in 1916, how was it that the unrestricted campaign was suspended in 1915 at the same time? They're still sinking ships during that year... Not sure if this is a textbook error or if I'm interpreting it wrong?
  6. kendallkreene

    How disadvantaged would I be due to the subjects I chose?

    My friend from a selective school said that students at selective schools choose subjects like math, science, physics, chemistry etc, because it's easier to get high marks, as all you need are formulas. He said it's also a lot quicker than humanities, where a lot of reading and note-taking is...
  7. kendallkreene

    How many performances? (music 2)

    We had our elective performance as an assessment the first semester of year 12. We then have a Core Aural assessment task, which is a lesson plan. We then have our Composition assessment task. Then Term 3, 2018 - Week 4/5, it's the "exam period", where we perform our core performance. So...
  8. kendallkreene

    For those who succeeded in Ancient / Modern History

    How many textbooks/resources did you use? Did you stick with one textbook/resource or consult as many as possible? I'm currently getting overwhelmed by this wealth of information - textbook extracts, articles, reports, websites, powerpoint etc, my teacher has given us all for one syllable dot...
  9. kendallkreene

    What's the punishment for plagiarism?

    Let's say, hypothetically, someone uses another classmate to write part of their assignment for them. Is this considered a no-no, and if caught, what is the punishment and who will be punished? Both students, or just the one who used the latter to do part of the assignment? What would the...
  10. kendallkreene

    Has anyone ever gotten a Band 6 in English without reading the entire book...

    and by relying on summaries on the Internet and the teacher's notes and explanations during class?
  11. kendallkreene

    Are you supposed to paraphrase quotes in essays?

    Or is it okay to directly quote?
  12. kendallkreene

    Studying with/without music?

    Everyone says that it is better to study without music on because it helps you concentrate, but I get distracted easily by stuff that goes on in my mind so I find that music actually helps me concentrate because it blocks out all the scattered mental activity. Does anyone else feel this way or...
  13. kendallkreene

    What degree do I need to get a job that earns enough money to...

    What degree do I need to get a job that earns enough money to buy an apartment in the city or a house in a prestigious area in Northern Sydney?
  14. kendallkreene

    The differences between Ancient and Modern History and succeeding in both

    I'm taking both courses, and my goal is get at least 90 or over 90 in both. Does anyone have any advice?
  15. kendallkreene

    Advice on core composition and viva voce?

    Does anyone have any advice for scoring 90% and over for the composition and viva voce on the composition? (core Australian music for the last 25 years)
  16. kendallkreene

    What's it like doing a bridging course for math?

    I want to study a combined degree of Law/Business. The prerequisites for my course include: Year 12 (or equivalent) English, Mathematics A or any combination of Mathematics A, B or C. I dropped math, so I need to do "Mathematics A" or 2u. I'm not sure how bridging courses work, though. 1)...
  17. kendallkreene

    For those who succeeded in English Extension 2

    Hey, So there are only six other people in my class, and I'm sure I can beat them all. My goal is to come 1st in this class for both internals and externals. Creative writing has been my strongest point since as early as Year 2, and I've researched, planned and written my own stories since...
  18. kendallkreene

    What exactly do universities look at when you apply?

    Obviously, your ATAR and Year 12 marks, but what about everything you've did from Year 7 to 11?