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    Early Atar Estimate

    School rank- 20ish Maths Ext 2- 20/72 No of band 6s 20 Maths Ext 1- 14/119 No of band 6s 59 English Adv- 40/180 No of band 6s 49 Chemistry- 3/72 No of band 6s 8 Physics- 7/72 No of band 6s 15 Economics- 2/73 No. of Band 6s 21 Thanks
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    Looking for maths ext 1 and 2 tutor- tutor at my home strathfield

    My house is a 10 minute walk from Strathfield station. It also has a bus stop outside my house if you decide to catch the bus direct from strathfield station instead I was looking for 3 hours of regular tutoring a week; one day of maths extension 1 (1.5 hours) and the other day maths extension...
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    Related text

    I'm doing The Tempest as my prescribed and I was contemplating on whether Invictus would be a good related for discovery. If so, could some one pm we some extra reading/notes on Invictus Thanks
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    13. Show that (z − 2) ((z − 2))conjucate = 9 represents a circle in the Argand diagram.
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    Looking for matrix hsc physics theorybook and workbook

    ^ Looking to buy the whole lot for year 12. Willing to pay good money for the entire set. Msg me through pm or my email: alex.kappa10@hotmail.com
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    140k for TRAIN DRIVER!?!

    http://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/melbourne-grand-final-week-train-strikes-off-as-metro-union-reach-deal/story-fnii5sms-1227544326039?sv=3bce625a6d3b7e08c85210a38a45fd2 thoughts?
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    Past Paper Half-Yearly/Yearly For Mathematics and Science

    Hello. boredofstudies members! I'm currently in year 10. I was wondering if anybody had any past half yearly/ yearly tests from any of the top selective schools. It would be preferable if they were from the top selective schools or any school known for its academic excellence.