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  1. Squishxmishyx

    Squishxmishyx's HSC

    I just wanted to give back to this community. I'm only uploading things I gave a crap about and ended up with decent marks for giving a crap. HSC 2011 English Belonging Essay - Immigrant Chronicles (St Patricks College and Ancestors) http://www.mediafire.com/?v1r99gmrbzl69gi Frankenstein vs...
  2. Squishxmishyx

    How many calculators are we allowed to take in?

    I want to set one in radian mode and one in degrees just to remind myself that these changes need to done in specific questions. (I rarely ever use radian mode unless it's subbing into the formula) Plus I want to bring another one in case 1 dies. So 3...? And can I bring this one? (It's going...
  3. Squishxmishyx

    Dear HSC,

    I want to stick 17 text books up your bum and see how you like it. Your turn. Honey, let it ALL out.
  4. Squishxmishyx

    Your possibilities are infinite.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn_cqrL4MFU This motivates me so it should motivate you too.
  5. Squishxmishyx

    Makeup tutorials!

  6. Squishxmishyx

    LF> Maths study buddy.

    I'm looking for a Maths study buddy. Someone who I can bother on MSN or email about Maths questions. I need someone who's always on the computer... Benefit: You can go through constant revision by helping me =] KTHANXBAI.
  7. Squishxmishyx

    Happy Valentines Day BOS!

    Is it wrong to fall in love during the HSC? WILL IT AFFECT MY MARK!!!
  8. Squishxmishyx

    I feel like giving up.

    Motivational/Inspirational messages?
  9. Squishxmishyx

    Attaching batteries to your pen?

    I've been at the library these holidays and I see all these students writing with batteries attached to their pens.. Apparently it makes the pen heavy so when it comes to the actual HSC you can remove it, thus allowing you to write quicker. IS THAT TRUE?! WOULDN'T THE PEN JUST WEAR YOUR HAND OUT...
  10. Squishxmishyx

    What's the LOWEST course at USYD?

    I want to get into nutrition BUT I'm sucking at the moment. What's the lowest science course I could get into? And what's the lowest overall course? (Like ATAR) I JUST WANT TO GET INTO USYD
  11. Squishxmishyx

    Is it possible to survive the year with 14 units for HSC?

    I don't know what to drop. I'm doing 14 units right now, and I'm doing average... It's just that I can't do the expected homework for every single class. (I wouldn't do it anyways even if I only had 1 subject for the rest of the year. Can't change what I am) Does the workload increase or the...