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    Egg drop science project helppppppp

    so i have a science project for the topic we are currently doing in class (motion). my project is to drop an egg from 5 metres onto a concrete surface. i have to create something so the egg does not crack. i cant have pre manufactured containers like plastic containers, dimensions must be less...
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    Edu kingdom college??

    I am going to go to edu kingdom college centre in Penrith or Blacktown. To anyone who has been there, is it good? How well do they teach and how good are their resources? What resources do you get? What schools are the people from over there? Just wanna know some background info in the centre...
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    Study tips plsss

    I've heard many people from schools like baulkham hills and girraween hs get very good results. How is that? How do they study? What is the difference between them and people who study? They get I mean awesome as results. They are much more intelligent than some of the people here at ruse. I...
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    Help with study

    I study math and science. I am in all top classes of math, sci and eng. even though I get top results for math and science I really want to improve in all the three subjects. I'm in year 9 currently studying Math (75% of curriculum done) Science ( finished waves and chemical reactions )...
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    Australian Mathematics Competition Help!!

    I'm generally a good mathematics student( in the accelerated program ). When it comes to yearly's and half yearly' s I usually ace them with around a 95%+. The problem starts when contests like Math Olympiad or AMC ( Australian Mathematics Competition are held ). I usually get a merit sometimes...
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    HSC Courses Help!!!

    I have one question. I am planning to do medicine in future ( become a doctor ). Do I need to take biology? I am thinking of taking Chem, Phys, ExtMath. To sum up my question, to do medicine d you need to do biology?
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    Study tips please!!!

    I've just started year 9 and want to study ahead. For math is it good if I study ahead all of year 9's content in a few months and then start on year 10. (I'm already in accelerated)? Science is the subject in which I have to write loads and loads of notes. I don't really know how to study for...
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    2017 Icas Math G

    Hey Guys, for the past few years I have been getting credits in the ICAS 2017 Math. My friends get distinction all the time and also high distinction. Do they practise?? How can I improve to get a distinction or even a high distinction? My parents always tell me to be like them, which is sad...