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  1. mycoolstory

    Atar Estimate?

    Hi all, i recieved my marks back for my trials and i would like an atar estimate please. Im hoping to get over an 89 atar for the course that i want to do. my total internal marks are: -English Advanced: 78 -Mathematics General: 75 -Ancient History: 86 -Physics: 67 :( -Software Design...
  2. mycoolstory

    What is everyone up to in Math General?

    Hi all :) I just want to know where everyone is in the HSC Mathematics General 2 Course. My class just finished Chapter 6 (Multi Stage events and applications of probability). Thanks :) :bosman::bosman:
  3. mycoolstory

    Is there still hope?

    So i completed my half-yearlies and my marks were all over the place: English: 72% Math General: 86% Physics: 45% SDD: 67% Ancient History: 80% Can i still achieve an ATAR of 88.10??
  4. mycoolstory

    Physics Exam Help :)

    Need help answering these questions for practical exam year 12: 1. Scientific explanation of how your device works. 2. List and explanation of the materials used. 3. Description of the methods used to create your device. 4. Description of problems encountered and improvements made...
  5. mycoolstory

    Techniques in the poem "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death"

    Hi all, need help finding techniques for this poem. it's for my assessment task due in 6 days. Thanks :)
  6. mycoolstory

    Selling General Maths 1 book HSC

    Someone bought me the wrong book and i am in need of selling it. please notify my if interested. :)