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    Whatever happens tomorrow won't change your life

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you are nervous about tomorrow but believe me - whatever mark you get does not determine the rest of your life or even the rest of your degree. I screwed up my HSC fairly badly (ATAR was in the 80s) but am now a third year student going onto their fourth year of study...
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    Lecture clash

    Hey guys, Just looked at my timetable and realized two of my lectures clashes with each other. There is only one lecture time for each subject too meaning I can't swap things around. What should I do? Is it worth it to do a subject through listening to online lectures alone?
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    Interchangable credits between unis?

    Hey guys, Doing law at MQ now and want to transfer to Usyd or UNSW by the end of this year. I've done foundies (LAW 115) so far and am planning to do contract, crime and ethics next semester. I've heard recently that Usyd/UNSW has changed their policy though and they won't credit any law...
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    What did you think of the protest that happened in MacLaurin Hall?

    Long story short, Bishop visited Usyd last Friday. This was somehow leaked to the students who then confronted her as she was making her way to the podium/making her speeches. This in particular caught my attention due to its intensity (its only a minute long so its not that bad)...
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    How mathematical is a double major in finance/economics?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how much calculations would be involved if I choose to major in finance & economics? I've done first year economics (as well as first year econometrics) and while the maths wasn't really maths (more like understanding economic models) a fair amount of calculations and...
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    Has anyone here done...?

    POL101, POL108, POL206 or POL207? How did you find it in terms of interest/relevancy to degree/difficulty? I am doing these units this year and would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a quick rundown!
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    What will happen to my WAM?

    Hi guys, I have two scenarios for you. Please help as this will influence on my final course choice (though I've enrolled in both). (a) Bachelor of Resource Economics -> Bachelor of Commerce Same university but different course. Will be applying for exemption for 5 subjects. Will my WAM...
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    What is the global leadership program?

    Hi, I read a little blurb about the program when I was flipping through the MQ leaflets. Is anyone here in it? If you are, do you think its worth doing and what are the entry requirements (apart from being a MQ student)?
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    Hard to open your own sports society?

    Hey guys, I've been doing judo for a couple of years now and really want to open a club there at my university. I know for a regular club, you only need fifteen people to agree with your idea then its all good. How about for a sports club though? Same requirement? Do you have to buy insurance...
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    Question about GPA/WAM

    Hi guys, I've read the GPA/WAM guide located on the top of the page (great job btw!) but still have some more specific questions. I've done 8 junior units last year but am unhappy about the marks of two of them (low credit). This year, I am doing an entirely new degree. My question is, if I...
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    How do you figure this out? What will you choose?

    Hey guys, The final round offers were handed out today and I got an offer for B. Arts/B. Law at Macquarie. However, I have already accepted a B. Law from the same uni during the early round offers. Now which one should I drop? Which one would you drop if you were me? I have nearly done...
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    How many clubs and societies are you in?

    I remembered signing up for 14 (I counted) but ended up only going to like 10 meetings total in the whole year. Wbu? At what stage does the number of activities you get involved in start to affect other aspects of your university life? I know the answer may vary but what is a good number to...
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    Recommendation of Clubs and Societies

    Hey guys, What socs are you in? I'm interested in knowing about those which will help my resume, the law society (since I'll be doing law) and other fun options (I heard there is a "WANG" society? :cool:). But yeah. Kinda spent the first year introverted and trying to adjust to moving out...
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    Is the law faculty weakening?

    Hey guys, I'm currently debating between law (major in commerce law) or commerce at usyd. Lately I've been browsing threads to get some information on the two. One thing that stuck out to me about MacQ law was that the faculty seems to be weakening? I'm not trying to bash the uni or the faculty...
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    No offer letter?

    Hi guys, I haven't received my offer letter the for main rounds yet my enrolment day at usyd is coming up. I am sure I got the offer as I received a congratulatory text message and an email both from usyd as well as the fact my UAC offer page clearly states I got into B commerce...
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    Is UTS law just as easy to get into as Macquarie law?

    Long story short, I got into Macquarie law with a WAM of 70. Do you think I would also get into UTS law with the same WAM? I ask because I see Business/Law still has vacancies and I've spotted several problems with going to Macquarie*. Namely, (a) travelling taking 3+ hours a day for me, (b)...
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    Better prospects: Law @ Macquarie or Commerce (Honours) @ Usyd?

    Which one has the better job prospects? I ask because I really have no preference at this point. I did economics this year and I found business subjects to be mildly interesting. It definitely wasn't a total bore but I don't want to spend the rest of my life drawing graphs either. In terms...
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    Can't select course on UAC website

    Hi guys, I was just changing my preferences around for the late round offers when I discovered that I couldn't choose UTS's single law degree (Bachelor of Laws). When I input the course code of 604000 which should be for their full time course in the upcoming March semester (someone please tell...
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    Inter-university events?

    Hey guys, I just wrapped up my first year of tertiary study at Usyd and one aspect I really enjoyed about the uni was its student life. This year, I am seriously thinking of transferring to Macquarie though which I heard didn't have quite a vibrant environment. Of course, that doesn't mean I am...
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    Would I do well in law?

    Hey guys, I got an early round offer for law at Macquarie a week or so ago. I don't know whether or not to take it though seeing I am currently indifferent about my degree at Usyd (resource economics). I mean, law could be a whole lot worse for all I know since currently I am doing okay...