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  1. such_such

    UNSW Diploma of Professional Practice

    Is anyone currently completing this diploma and would like to offer some insight? I'm currently in engineering and planning to do this diploma as well but not too sure about it, i.e. whether it's useful a bit or a waste of time/money.
  2. such_such

    Civil/Architecture at UNSW or USYD?

    - I know for UNSW you only get one degree for 4 years but I heard this course is better here. - For USYD, I get two degrees for 5 years. In terms of travel, I don't mind so I really don't know which course to choose.
  3. such_such

    NEED private English tutor!

    I've checked around BOS and many other forums, alas, I can't seem to find the right tutor for English Advanced in year 12. Texts: - Area of Study: Heat and Dust - Mod A: Richard III/Looking for Richard - Mod B: Speeches (e.g. Margaret Atwood) - Mod C: History and Memory (e.g. Denise...
  4. such_such

    Infinity College

    Has anyone ever been to Infinity College at Lidcombe for English? Any comments are appreciated!
  5. such_such

    Costume ideas for a James Bond themed party?

    Costumes or dresses - either one. What should I wear? Other people are coming in dices, Bond girls, etc. and they are making it themselves or just coming in a dress.
  6. such_such

    Has anyone done the ACER exam for year 10 to year 11?

    I'm considering doing it for selective entry... but I'm pretty sure its SUPER HARD. So has anyone done it before and know the type of questions in it? Hints and tips on how to do it are appreciated :)