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  1. Survivor39

    Careers with an Advanced Science degree!

    Both Rookie and Dylan have given detailed responses that will hopefully answer your questions - so I'm not going to repeat what they have said. Instead, I will tell you about my personal experience about science and you can decide for yourself whether it is a 'risky' degree. When I signed up...
  2. Survivor39

    Likelihood of transfering from UTS medical science into med/dent.

    Congrats Safraaz for getting into Ad Sc at UWS. Now the hard work begins!
  3. Survivor39

    Likelihood of transfering from UTS medical science into med/dent.

    hmmm... that's not good then. So the only chance of getting into Med for him would be to ace his BSc at UWS and do well in GAMSAT. I don't like the sound of that. I think you can transfer to UNSW MedSc from UNSW BSc and still be considered for the lateral Med transfer program at UNSW.
  4. Survivor39

    Would this allow me to get into medicine?

    It's likely that they won't consider your GPA because you haven't completed a full year of university studies.
  5. Survivor39

    Likelihood of transfering from UTS medical science into med/dent.

    Can he transfer to Adv Sc at UWS after 1 year of regular science and be able to use the lateral transfer scheme to get into UWS Med? It's just that Safraaz sounds a bit desperate and graduate entry requires at least 3 years!
  6. Survivor39

    Chemistry 1A

    hahaha. I just realised how old I have become. Yep, all the way back in 2004 when I did CHEM1011. May be 1011 is easier now?! :P
  7. Survivor39

    Bridging Course for Chemistry? PLEASE HELP!

    I think that's fine. Are you hoping to get the chemistry credits from UNSW for the new degree? If you do low level chemistry like CHEM1001 the new degree might not recognise it. I'm not sure about this but you may not have to sorry about it if you don't have a chemsitry component in the new degree.
  8. Survivor39

    Chemistry 1A

    Ok I see. Well if you find chemistry dreadful I would avoid CHEM1011 at all cost (since you don't need to do it). I did HSC Chem myself and found CHEM1011 and CHEM1021 difficult. I know that usually more than half of the students in these courses get a Pass or fail (0-64%). I had several second...
  9. Survivor39

    Bahelor of Health Science as an alternative pathway into Med/Dent.

    First year Maths is definitely do-able for someone who is not that strong in maths. I don't think I'm great in Maths so I was dreading it but I did pretty well at the end. Just pick the easiest option if you have a choice and you will be fine. THe one that I did had HSC 2U Maths as a pre-req.
  10. Survivor39

    CHEM1031 vs MATS1101

    Yep. I did HSC Chem but found CHEM1011 quite difficult.
  11. Survivor39

    Omg i hate choices

    Biology related I think. But generally do things you are good at. B Psych is quite competitive, especially when you try to compete for places in the Honours year, so you want to get good marks.
  12. Survivor39

    Chemistry 1A

    Do you mean doing all of the above and not going to any lectures? I wouldn't recommend it - it's always good to go to the lectures and see which bits are important and which bits aren't. There is too much information in the textbook and most of it you don't need to know.
  13. Survivor39

    Bridging Course for Chemistry? PLEASE HELP!

    So should study on your own and pick CHEM1011. If it is way too hard for you then drop down to CHEM1001 after a few weeks. Chemsitry is hard for most people, but remember you only need to pass (get 50%)!! I personally am not a big fan of chemistry but 1011 is definitely pass-able if you persist.
  14. Survivor39

    Med Science vs science

    Both Med Sc and BSc are beneficial for GAMSAT preparation because you can essentially do the same subjects (literally in the same lecture, tutorial and lab together). I'm not entirely clear what you are proposing. Are you hoping to transfer to USyd MedSc or USyd BSc from UNSW BSc? If so, do you...
  15. Survivor39

    Bahelor of Health Science as an alternative pathway into Med/Dent.

    Don't forget you need a solid understanding of Maths for the GAMSAT. There is no point achieving a high GPA with low GAMSAT scores. Are you interested in Health Science? I would suggest look into the B Health Science course structure/subject list and see whether those topics appeal to you. Is...
  16. Survivor39

    Missed out by 0.3!

    Can you consider doing B Science and then trasnfer to the combined degree after 1 year?
  17. Survivor39

    Medical Science and Electives @UNSW

    May be do MATH1041 since it's compulsory. To SunnyScience, may I just offer a piece of advice? Try not to get fixated on marks and the top 10 WAM business because you cannot predict how you will do compare to everyone else. You also can't change how others perform. All you need to do is do...
  18. Survivor39

    Help with course decision please!

    If you get good marks in either degree (Health Science or Forensic) you should stand a good chance of being accepted into M physiotherapy. But do go with whichever one interests you the most and do some research looking into the requirements for the Masters program you are considering.
  19. Survivor39

    UNSW Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

    You can include a cover sheet but I feel that busy academics wouldn't be bothered reading it. Many of them just want to know that you are enthusiastic and have good marks. I was offered three during my second year but I declined the ones from UNSW and USyd because somewhere else offered better...
  20. Survivor39

    UNSW Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

    I was awarded a few of these during my times at UNSW. I think the best thing to do is to approach the academics first. The sample e-mail you had there sounds good. I would also attach your CV and full academic record. Once they reply you I would suggest you to go visit them in person so they get...