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  1. edwardf316

    Modern History Life Skills subject?

    Hi all, Just wondering what the new Modern History Life Skills and Ancient History Life Skills subjects that NESA have introduced are all about. Are they the same as the normal subjects but for students with learning disabilities or poor English skills?
  2. edwardf316

    Dress code for high school tutor job interview?

    Hi all, I have a job interview at a tutoring company this coming Friday. In the email they sent me with information regarding the interview it says "The dress code is not formal, however you are required to dress in a manner suitable for conducting a lesson with a hypothetical student."...
  3. edwardf316

    When to do Honours

    Hi all, Just a quick question. If you intend to do a year of honours after your degree, does it have to be taken the year directly after you complete a bachelors degree or can you apply 6 months or a year later?
  4. edwardf316

    Finding out if my subject has an exam

    Is there a way to find out if one of my subjects has a final exam without referring to the course outline? The past course outlines vary, so there is no reliable indicator of whether there will be one this year and i would like to find out sometime in the next week before all the information is...
  5. edwardf316

    GENS4015 Brave New World: Science Fiction, Science Fact and the Future

    Hi all, I'm looking to do this subject as a Gen Ed next sem. All the info i can find about it online is from nearly 10 years ago so i was just wondering if someone who has done it recently could tell me anything about it or has a course outline? What are the assessments? How much time a week...
  6. edwardf316

    Internal Program Transfer Question

    Hi all, I just had a question in regards to an internal program transfer. I'm looking to transfer next semester and i was wondering if i can complete my timetable when the appointments start next week with subjects that i intend to take if my transfer is successful. So for example, can i...
  7. edwardf316

    Internal Program Transfer

    Hey y'all, I am thinking about transferring, possibly but not definitely, to a Bachelor of Arts starting in semester 2 this year. I'm currently doing International Studies and Communication and after 1 year my WAM is 75 and that's unlikely to change to because i'm seriously considering taking...
  8. edwardf316

    Splitting a lecture into two

    Hi all, One of my subjects for this semester is listed on the timetable as having a 2 hour lecture from 11-1 on a Monday. However, today i was looking at the program for this subject on Moodle and all the information on it is saying there are now two separate lectures, one on Monday 11-12 and...
  9. edwardf316

    2016 Timetable Alterations

    Hi all, I've noticed that for some of the classes that i plan on enrolling in for 2016, the number of tutorials has diminished and even in some cases the classes have got smaller since the timetable was first released. Is this quite common? Is it just to encourage certain tutorial times are...
  10. edwardf316

    Surely this is a mistake. They can't be serious. Can they? Look at the time for the 2nd lecture of this subject my friend is taking. 6-8 in the morning on a Sunday. Surely this can't be correct
  11. edwardf316

    Enrolment Appointments

    The timetable for next semester was released today but i don't have an enrolment appointment in myUNSW. Does anyone have their appointment yet or is it just too early and i'm worrying over nothing
  12. edwardf316

    Getting a part-time job

    I've been sending out resumes and applying online for months and months. I can't seem to get any interest only literally anything, not even as much as an interview. Do you have any tips/pointers on ways to stand out and getting something. It is incredibly disheartening to continually be rejected...
  13. edwardf316

    Back to back tutorials?

    is having back to back tutorials a big deal? I have one in my new timetable and i really don't want to change because it would mean coming all the way out to UNSW for 1 hour on Friday, a day i would otherwise have free
  14. edwardf316


    Please look at this sample of my writing at exam speed. I am somewhat worried about the neatness of my writing
  15. edwardf316

    Disagreeing with the question

    For the essay can you disagree with the statement they provide. For example if its something like "Perceptions of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time. How is this view represented in...". Can your essay be formed around the idea that it doesn't and that belonging evolves because...
  16. edwardf316

    Belonging Question

    Is it possible that we could get question on barriers to belonging?
  17. edwardf316

    Can i get a Band 6?

    So i do standard english. My total trial mark was 96/105 and my internal assessment mark was 91%. Is it possible for me to get a Band 6 or at least an HSC Mark of 85+
  18. edwardf316

    Moderated Assessment Mark Question

    I have a friend who finished with 96% for his internal English mark and was rank 1. If the highest raw mark is lower than that like 90-91% for example, will that be his Moderated Assessment Mark even though it is much lower than his internal mark?
  19. edwardf316

    CSSA standard English Witness Question

    What was the CSSA question for the film Witness? I've heard that it was terrible but don't actually know what it was and I'm very curious
  20. edwardf316

    Question about Essay Length

    For a 25 mark question the board of studies says the expected length is 1000 words or 8 pages of the exam booklet. To achieve a band 6 response do you have to write 8 pages and is it something that markers will look at when they mark an essay? I say this because my writing is quite small and on...