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    UNSW Roll Call 2016

    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) [Hons.] / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) 3rd year gg meno
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    Inclined Plane Problem :D

    From Fundamentals of Physics 10th Ed When I resolve the forces I get this: but the answers have this: I can't see how the forces in the y direction is meant to be FN - mgcosθ = 0 I think the error stems the mg component but I can't see where I am going wrong. inb4can'tdoyear9trigonometry I...
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    The Legal Studies HSC 2014 Preparation Thread

    So the HSC legal studies exam is less than 12 days away so let's get practicing A quick tl;dr guide: Multiple Choice: 20 questions drawn from prelim and HSC they are 15 crime questions and 5 human rights responses these questions are bullshit; don't spend too long on them (~1/question) for...
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    ~FREE~ Prelim+HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Notes!!!!

    Firstly; I did not get 99.95 nor attend James Ruse. soz not really Hey there :D My name is Square and I did my HSC in 2013. I took English; Legal Studies; Physics and 3/4U Mathematics. From here; I was able to get a decent ATAR I am now studying Mechatronic Engineering/Computer Science...
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    2k14 UMAT results + General Discussions

    So how did you guys go? :D plus your miscellaneous questions
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    Adrita's & Square's 2k14 UNI Journal that will be about uni work this time: v2

    Hi I am square :D my plans for tomorrow are to get of BoS and do some work
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    Are you comfortable with 24/7 Government Surveillance?

    Say in an ideal world were the government wouldn't sell your data to the highest bidder, would you let the government spy on you every day, every minute, literally every second (irrespective of what the constitution and any laws say) to 'keep you safe'? Kind of like the one in Person of...