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  1. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Bootiful gold heels from Wittner. *drool* For my 18th. Yeay.
  2. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Two pots of eyeshadow glitter stuff, one dark blue, one light green. Powder. Brushes for each. Bootiful earrings from Treasures in Hurstville.
  3. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Two dresses - one black, and one black with a flower print kinda thing going on. Bright pink tights, and black pants, and two pairs of jeans. Get paid on Friday, yeay! So broke now. Looking for some nice hobo gloves or leather gloves, and new eyeshadow and mascara. And then I'm saving for my 18th.
  4. WTF!bbq

    transferring courses and all that HALP

    Arrrr so lets say I kinda ran into a couple of walls this semester and maybe have discovered that my current course is likely to drive me insane if I keep at it. If I reapply mid-semester to, say, B Arts, through UAC, will the subjects I've wanked up count in my GPA or do I get to be shifty and...
  5. WTF!bbq

    Anyone into photography?

    Yeay I got an SLR. Old beautiful thing, Ricoh KR-5, all the cases for the lenses and shit are leather so I can't stop smelling them. Just been messing around with it a bit, in love with the wide angle lens. Will post when I get this roll developed and scan the results. Looking to buy a bunch of...
  6. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Bendon sports bra and matching shorts, $120 all up (but both in black). Soooo comfy :cool:
  7. WTF!bbq

    How do you have your coffee?

    My mummy drank all my Blend 43 so I just made myself a mug of Nescafe espresso. I think I put too much in. Pleh. Normally I'll just go Blend 43, two teaspoons, no sugar or milk.
  8. WTF!bbq

    Weet Bix... how do you eat them?

    I will eat four in a sitting, break them up into like five or six chunks each. And then honeyyyyyy all over the top om nom. But that can be very dry. Also, Crunchy Nut ftw.
  9. WTF!bbq

    Who Own's those Cotton On Jumpers?

    Are you talking about all those fleece hoodies that everybody is wearing? Its tres funny because they put all the guys and girls ones together and then people get very nervous about their sexuality.
  10. WTF!bbq

    women with boobs

    I went to get fitted today. Turns out I'm a completely different size *hangs head in shame*. I'm going to myer tomorrow to see if they have less fugly things in stock though (than BNT, since it is a fairly small store where I live). Walking into Cotton On Body breaks my heart a little bit...
  11. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Seven tops (4 from work, 3 from Giordano) and a bright yellow scarf, because I was shat off about not finding a bra in my size that looked normal. =< Ah, wasting money, so fun and silly.
  12. WTF!bbq

    Favorite Energy Drink

    V, om nom. OK doesn't taste that great if its not cold, but it beats Mother. That is some rancid shiet. I can recall trying black V once and it wasn't too bad but I do like the original much bettar. I've tried Red Bull but I can't remember for the life of me what it tasted like, beyond just a...
  13. WTF!bbq

    the shoe thread

    Reow, I just came in to say that I love all the Pleaser boots. I don't think I'd ever have the balls to wear em though. My wardrobe can be questionable enough as it is :D
  14. WTF!bbq

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Pair of black dunlop volleys, and a red Hugh Hefner-ass satin robe thing for half price at Cotton On Body. And a Dragons jacket at Rebel.
  15. WTF!bbq


    Seven point fiiiiive, actually surprised with that. Another last-minute job of mine.
  16. WTF!bbq

    Anyone into photography?

    OK following on from before. Some things have been driving me insane. This, this and this, for instance. At the risk of sounding silly, how do they get that bluey tinge? Is it a filter? A certain type of film? How do I make my photos look like that! I must find out D:
  17. WTF!bbq

    Anyone into photography?

    I'm too cheap for that >_> I do like that bluey tint old cameras seem to have, you know the one I'm talking about? It's so delicious. I won a vintage-ass ricoh on ebay so I'll have fun fiddling with that until I've decided if this photography thing is seriously for me. Then I'll maybe invest in...
  18. WTF!bbq

    Anyone into photography?

    I totally didn't realise there was a photography thread here until now. I'm looking for an SLR camera on eBay, up until now I've just messed around with digital but I'm craving moar. Any recommendations? Looking for an old 35mm I should add, just something old-school so I can hopefully dev them...
  19. WTF!bbq

    Rules for Customers

    I prefer to swipe the card, because 99% of the time they will swipe it the wrong way. Our eftpos thingies go with the strip facing outwards (different from those new cool ones, I think, like in Coles) so maybe everyone's just used to those. ETA: Or they will swipe them in a hurry, before I've...
  20. WTF!bbq


    Yes. But. How's everyone going with that mini-essay. <_< >_> (I've had a shamefully useless week off.) Love Frank though, he's so win.