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  1. EdwardHeartsU

    Usyd: Applying for credit and/or recognition for prior learning (rpl)

    Haven't been here in a while. So anyways, I've lodged a transfer request to B/Arts and Commerce. Are you allowed to apply for prior learning with units of study completed at USYD? Or do they assume that as part of the degree (part of the arts degree, or however it works)?
  2. EdwardHeartsU

    Easy science subjects?

    Sorry for the inactivity, I chose HPSC1000 as my science unit :) Are there any textbooks needed?
  3. EdwardHeartsU

    Lecture attendance

    I did WRIT1001; went to all of the lectures. Its not that bad, it gives you things to discuss in your tutorials. I think Benjamin Miller is a tutor next semester; he's very friendly and approachable, likes it when people participate in class discussions (Do note, that contributes to the tutorial...
  4. EdwardHeartsU

    Easy science subjects?

    Been a while since I went on this site. Anyhow, as part of my degree (unfortunately) I need to complete science subjects, which I am not particularly fond of due to failing a science unit in semester 1 (Science in uni isn't what I thought it would be, less theory, more calculation/math based. I...
  5. EdwardHeartsU

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    Just wanted the boxer rumble to be a tad louder, but realised my insurance would skyrocket.
  6. EdwardHeartsU

    Post a picture of your ride

    MY04 WRX Club Spec Evo 7
  7. EdwardHeartsU

    I want my Ps

    Probably out of more than 100, I got 108/109 for mine. But on the topic of failing, instead of sulking like a little baby about why you failed and finding excuses (Dad paying them? really? That's bribery and its an indictable offence) why they fail you, why don't you try and drive better...
  8. EdwardHeartsU

    WRX on P's?

    I have a WRX on my Ps, Comprehensive insurance is a killer though
  9. EdwardHeartsU

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    MAKE: Subaru MODEL: Impreza WRX Club Spec Evo 7 YEAR: 2004 DISLIKES: It's sports automatic, immobiliser goes into anti-hijack mode for no reason at times LIKES: Leather seats, sunroof, head unit and sound system in general, HID 'Angel Eyes' headlights OTHER: Car's previous owner was a...
  10. EdwardHeartsU

    Combat Arms?

    MrInoeverthin, I can hop on for a match or two if you want, what's your IGN?
  11. EdwardHeartsU

    Do you consider trolling to be an art? xD

    That's not trolling, that's just being an outright dick.
  12. EdwardHeartsU

    The McDonald's Thread

    I'm 17 and a crew trainer, I get paid $14.45 an hour. 18 year olds get $16.88 (casual, junior crew).
  13. EdwardHeartsU

    Official triage multi-choice solutions

    18/20 (Y) not bad.
  14. EdwardHeartsU

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Decent test, wasn't that hard, meaning harsher marking criteria. Don't know how I went for Short answer, but I know I screwed up the titration calculation for the purity.
  15. EdwardHeartsU

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Superannuation question + the rectangle and semicircle one GG I think I got a carry-on error from part ii to part iii since when it asked me to solve for x and y I got negative answers.
  16. EdwardHeartsU

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    A B D C D D B C A D Not sure how I went, I think I got 8 or 9..I was unsure about question 5 and 6.
  17. EdwardHeartsU

    Section 1 - Stimulus

    Don't think I answered Question 6 properly..
  18. EdwardHeartsU

    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    I may not be good at creative, but I'm good at telling stories.
  19. EdwardHeartsU

    Section 3 - Extended Response

    Had a glance at the question during page check and thought 'Not sure if correct exam paper' because the question didn't seem right. Read it in reading time and still skeptical. ER was a bit too general and easy for the last year of belonging, I thought it would've been harder.