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  1. Deadboxes

    The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread (Table of Contents on First Post)

    Subject Name: Organic Chemistry 1 Subject Number: 65202 Faculty: Faculty of Science Semester: Autumn, 2021 Ease: 7/10 Lecturer: 7/10 - Alison Ung - slides were fucky when downloaded. Tutor: 6/10 Subject Coordinator: 6/10 Interest: 8/10 - Builds off of Chemistry 2 (org chem topics). Interesting...
  2. Deadboxes

    The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread (Table of Contents on First Post)

    Subject Name: Foundation Mathematics Subject Number: 35010 Faculty: Faculty of Science/Math Semester: Autumn, 2020 Ease: 8/10 Lecturer: 5/10 - Julia Memar Tutor: No tutor for the subject. Subject Coordinator: 7/10 Interest: 7/10 - Interesting subject overall, esp if you didn't touch the more...
  3. Deadboxes

    Math Modelling 1 & 2

    For future peeps, I did MM1/Mathematical Modelling 1, took general maths in high school, but I did do the foundation maths course prior and it helped quite a bit.
  4. Deadboxes

    UTS Chatter Thread

    general tip update pain
  5. Deadboxes

    PC builds

    Jesus fuck that's a giant ultra-wide
  6. Deadboxes

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    Still mostly CS:GO but I can't wait for the new borderlands 3 game
  7. Deadboxes

    Need help finding technique in this quote

    Emotive Language
  8. Deadboxes

    I need depressing movies to watch!!

    Shutter Island
  9. Deadboxes

    long time no post :)

    Maybe ever so slightly, but I'd suggest you focus directly on your ranking in the cohort, away from focusing instead on marks.
  10. Deadboxes

    Success Stories and Motivation - Bombed Maths

    Just work to your best and don't let this weigh ya down, use it as a learning experience for future exams :)
  11. Deadboxes

    Success Stories and Motivation - Bombed Maths

    Honestly, I'd say yes. People do bomb internals but can smack the crap out of externals and still get high band 5 or band 6s.
  12. Deadboxes

    USYD Bonus Points

    If you're also looking at other universities such as UNSW, check this out https://www.engineering.unsw.edu.au/study-with-us/future-students/faculty-of-engineering-admissions-scheme-feas
  13. Deadboxes

    UTS Chatter Thread

    Hey, Anyone here do/doing Med Sci and have any general tips? Thanks!
  14. Deadboxes


    Veganism is a bit tricky, well I guess I think it is, on one hand, you're not contributing to the slaughter of animals directly but you are hurting animals one way or another indirectly. I don't know if its possible for everyone to go vegan, I mean, the lack of food distribution is the cause of...
  15. Deadboxes

    Shoutout to the random kids doing their HSC in whatever year it is, going thru posts and looking...

    Shoutout to the random kids doing their HSC in whatever year it is, going thru posts and looking at old profiles lol, it was something i always used to do, good luck.
  16. Deadboxes

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Aye, I'm at an estimated 80-83, I was aiming for 80 and above, hopefully, I get it lmao, also no band 6's with my highest being 86 in pdhpe :( but still great!I realisticaly only needed above a 69 to get into UTS Medical Science, thanks to SRS!
  17. Deadboxes

    SRS Macquarie

    I actually got an email a couple days ago for B.Sc at Macq, the 15th is probably when all offers should be out by. Good luck!
  18. Deadboxes

    2019ers Chit-Chat Thread

    big oof make sure to revise at least once a week for content heavy subjects like chem tbh
  19. Deadboxes

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    myopia = mycave :'( OOF bro it's ok tho just 1 mark man.
  20. Deadboxes

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Thank god no Beadle and Tatum was in it except for MC, didn't revise that at all!