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    Semester 1 Timetables

    cheers. me and my unneccessary 1st yr jitters :)
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    ahh relief to my ears. as silly as this sounds dude, is wallace likely to get crowded easily? I wonder if there's any usyd website containing info about room capacity - my sis told me about this...
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    Hey just wondering if its possible to make it from Merewether Lecture 1 (Room 131) to Wallace Theatre in less than 10min? Dont wanna be late for lectures... and they seem worlds apart on the map haha
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    u know when its going to be open again?
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    lol is the timetable thing already shut off for tonight till 2moro or massively overloaded?
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    Uni Timetabling - Lectures and Tutorials

    cheers. my timetabling will be so much easier now
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    Uni Timetabling - Lectures and Tutorials

    just edited to a better Q now - overall, do tutes just cover the lecture from the previous week ? I'd prefer it this way rather than a tute covering just a recent lecture before it on the same day.
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    Uni Timetabling - Lectures and Tutorials

    Just want to clarify the distinction between tutorials before/after lectures - using BUSS1001 as an example (along with times, etc.) 1. Tutorial before lecture 1st week - BUSS1001 Lecture 1 on Monday: 10-1pm 2nd week - BUSS1001 Tutorial 1 on Monday: 9-10am - BUSS1001 Lecture 2 on...
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    Conflicting messages, who is right?

    u reckon there'll be some chance for me to still apply man? i srsly wanna do a cadetship :( in the last-case scenario, would dropping down to single Commerce degree be hard? I know you go to UNSW but maybe you know of others in my boat, *sigh*
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    Conflicting messages, who is right?

    Ok, so I'm doing a 4 yr degree (B.COM LIB) at USYD and wanna do a cadetship with a firm like EY or PWC. In my case, I'm aiming to apply as a 1st yr uni student to start next yr. The problem is, I go ring PWC; for example, and they say that the traineeship is only for 3 yr commerce students but...
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    Argh, major choice conundrum

    Hi, Been wondering quite a while now whether the major of business information systems at USYD is worthwhile for accounting/business career prospects... My main aim is to learn some key business apps; e.g. Microsoft Excel/Access and so on in more detail but don't know whether a major like this...
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    Scholarship query!

    Hey, Just wondering if I got a scholarship for a combined degree (e.g. combined economics/eng) at USYD, would it cover both courses or just one of them? Btw, the scholarship was applied for in the engineering faculty. Any insight would be much appreciated :) Cheers, l.a.
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Hey, Just wondering if there was any chance of transferring a scholarship from say, the faculty of engineering to the faculty of science at USYD. Unfortunately, my interests have shifted to science a more research-based area than the hands-on/practical nature of engineering... I just hope I can...
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    Good luck!

    ^ repped
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    Have they called anyone yet for state ranking?

    Nah haha I won't get one - yep only if your first - wbu?
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    Questioning the Engineering Stereotype

    Hey peeps, Recently, I've been contemplating changing my UAC preferences from combined eco/eng to something like eco/science because from the engineering days at USYD just now, it seemed as if all types of engineering required some sort of designing skills and being able to build stuff. In...
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    USYD - Engineering Day 2MORO! - Meet and Greet BOS

    Hey guys and gals, Is anyone attending the USYD Engineering Day 1 2moro? It'd be interesting for us BOS users to meet each other in person. Cheers, l.a.
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    2 jobs!

    Hey guys and gals, Just got another job offer today; making me potentially have 2 jobs. Should I tell my other employer about this job or not? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers, l.a.
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    Certificate in Business Administration

    Hey guys and gals, As the thread says, does this certificate offer any benefits for future employment opportunities in the field of economics/finance/engineering? Cheers, l.a.