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  1. Chloe238

    Living on Campus

    Anyone who lives on campus, any tips, advices, experiences you would like to share :awesome: Thank you!
  2. Chloe238


    How are people studying for it?
  3. Chloe238

    Song about the HSC... lol

    A song about the HSC i found while looking for study notes.. (make sure you sing it to yourself with the right tune of the actual songlol):) At first I was afraid, I was petrified! Kept thinking I could never pass without revision guides, But then I spent so many nights, getting all the...
  4. Chloe238

    Texts asked in the creative writing?

    What are the possible texts that they can ask us for in the creative writing I know there is - narrative - feature article - interview - diary entry - speech ... anymore??
  5. Chloe238

    Anyone else have exams on the same day?

    I have a horrible day later on, I have legal and construction on the same day. So exams from 9am to 4pm... kill me! :shoot::uhoh: Anyone else in the same boat or am I the only unlucky one ?
  6. Chloe238


    Just a quick question. Say you calculate the ratio and it comes up as 1.299422 for example. In my textbook, its saying the ratio would be 1.2 rounded, but I thought it would of been 1.3 rounded because of the 9 after the 2. Which way is corrected? Would you lose marks depending on which...
  7. Chloe238

    Coffs! anyone going? 2011

    Okay Okay I no its going to be crap as everyone says but it was the only choice me and my friend had. We plan to make it fun ahaha but just wondering if anyone else was going there? :caffeine:
  8. Chloe238

    Myer Christmas Casual

    Hey is anyone else still waiting for a call back from the group interview about a week or 2 ago? Me and my friend are still waiting but they gave us the time frame of 15 days so both of us will be calling on Friday so see what's happening. So it anyone in the same boat? :wavey: