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  1. Deadboxes

    Help with Probability Question!!

    Thanks, I don't know how to answer this question (particularly a. ) Help please.
  2. Deadboxes

    Unstable Nucleus?:

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing an assignment which is based on the nuclear part of "Production of Metals" I'm stuck on a question that's a 3 marker. "Describe the conditions which cause a nucleus to be unstable" I've written this so far: Atoms are comprised of both positive, neutral and negative...
  3. Deadboxes

    Ionic Equation problem - Prelim Chemistry Metals Topic

    Hi, I'm having an issue writing out the ionic equation for: Sulphuric Acid + Magnesium H2SO4 + Mg -> MgSO4 + H2 I've rewritten it as: H2 + Mg -> Mg + H2 But the answer section says: 2H + Mg -> Mg + H2 What have I done wrong? Thanks, guys.