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    Does uws let students use free mobile wifi from the university?

    We can use it on our personal laptops right? so what about on mobile phones?
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    How many pages worth of notes do you write each lecture?

    depending if your lectures are 1, 2, or 3 hrs
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    Is it optional to pick an elective?

    ok so my course structure consists of 2 cores, 1 major, 1 elective? are electives optional, can someone do 3 units/semester and still successfully finish the course?
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    Do people who do a degree which includes work placement get employed straight away?

    straight away as in after finishing the degree
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    How did you go with tutorial registration?

    i faced a few problems, got a few late tutorials, what about you?
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    Why do i feel like enrolling is the hardest thing on earth?

    Or is it easier than it appears? Pretty sure the unit selection, unit sets steps are looking filled out wrong. Do reckon i should enrol on campus? I've already missed the 'enrolling lab help day' thingo.
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    How many times can a person transfer courses?

    I've heard of people transfering out of a course they don't like after 1 year is up, but i've never heard of someone tranfering a second or third time
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    if you receive a gpa of <5.0 ?

    if you receive a gpa of <5.0 what are the chances that you'll be successfully transfered into another course within the uws (internal transfer)?
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    Does transfering to another course after one year guarantee you a spot in that course

    say you do really well in the course you're in now and you want to tranfer to another course, do all courses guarantee you a spot, even though they maybe competitive courses to get into?
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    Do you work and study?

    do you recommend working and studying at the same time? How are you finding it? Does it get in the way of your academic performance?
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    The best thing about university?

    what do you think about it/about your experience?
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    anyone selected for TEXSTYLES exhibition yet?

    so is there ny news or notification of your textiles work being selected?
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    Thank you Bored of studies

    Thanks guys, during the stressful period of exams, it was nice to have a support network to come home to after exams and discuss how the exam went and trying to work out what i got right and wrong. its been an stressful yet amazing journey, it is trully a place where we hsc students can have a...
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    potty training yourself before a 3 hour exam?

    do u have toilet issues during the exam? like holding it in and stuffff and needing to go frequently. or maybe im drinking too much water to drown my sorrows lol
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    Who else has recieved their MTP's, just got mine today

    happy its over? or kinda sad?
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    General Thoughts: Textiles and Design

    it was raaaaaaaaad despite the fact i fergot what skotchguard was cold argh wbu?
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    HSC come at me BRO!

    the emotional hurdle one faces during hsc is one of the biggest....knowing you got through it while maintaining your sanity is the real achievement...so here i say come at me brother because this mind is staying SOUND baby, who's with me? heres to some motivation
  18. Y

    Worked buttox off in year 11 and got so drained for yr 12

    was year 11 worth working that hard for? i still feel so drained from my year 11 efforts that dont even count for and now my mind has nothing left to give