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  1. Nacseo

    Medicine in ADFA vs Medicine in other universities

    I have recently been really interested in ADFA, Australian Defence Force Academy, and realised that they offer medical courses. I wanted to know if there any differences and similarities between doing medicine at the defence force compared to doing medicine in a normal university. Additionally...
  2. Nacseo

    How to study for AMC

    So I'm applying to do AMC(Australian Mathematics Competition), and I was wondering what to study for it and what resources I can use for it as well, if anyone that has done AMC can recommend any resources that I can study from and get that distinction or high distinction, if yk what i mean...
  3. Nacseo

    SRC House vs House Comp

    Ayo people, my school is currently going to hold a house vs house competition, it consist of houses going against each other in various games and sports. I'm thinking os starting it small, then to make it big. My idea was that we're gonna maken a Chess Competition to start up the hype, and it...
  4. Nacseo

    Anyone doing medicine in uni rn?🧐

    Anyone doing medicine rn in university, I would like to ask, what's your journey like, hardships, grades and other random shenanigans. I also wanna do medicine as well.
  5. Nacseo

    Just Stuff about St Marys

    What makes St Marys so different from other schools, like what do they offer that other schools don't. I just need something to emphasise that I really want to go to this school but the words just don't come out of my mouth. I've done my Persona; Statement, but I feel like I should write more...
  6. Nacseo

    Best time to send St Marys Application

    When is the best time to send my St Marys Application because I got the application just recently and got started on it. But when I finish my form, when is the best time to give in my form, im not sure if I can hand it in in the holidays because schools closed in the holidays and my friend says...
  7. Nacseo

    Selective Year 11 2022

    Hey guys, I'm in Year 9 rn and decided that I want to go into a selective school in Year 11, this may be a bit early, but I'm just preparing just in case. I'm applying for Penrith HS, Baulkham and Girraween for selective, I was gonna originally apply for St Marys Senior High, but I'm putting it...