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  1. fan96

    ATAR estimate

    School rank: 5 English Adv. (74 B6 in 2016) 178/208 Maths Ext. 2 (68 E4 in 2016) 19/119 Maths Ext. 1 (109 E4 in 2016) 47/165 Chemistry (47 B6 in 2016) 68/110 Software Design (6 B6 in 2016) 3/9
  2. fan96

    Harder 3U - projectile motion question

    From Patel 4U (Ex. 8B, Q5): $A missile is fired from$\, O\, $with initial velocity$\, U\, $at an angle$\, \alpha\, $with the horizontal.$\\\\$ Prove that it describes a parabola of focal length$\,\frac{U^2\cos^2\alpha}{2g}\,.\\\\ $Also prove that any point$\, P(x,y)\, $within and on the...
  3. fan96

    ATAR estimate?

    School rank: 5 English Adv. 173/208 (74 B6's in 2016) Maths Ext. 2 25/118 (68 E4's in 2016) Maths Ext. 1 36/163 (109 E4's in 2016) Chemistry 60/113 (47 B6's in 2016) Software Design 3/10 (6 B6's in 2016) ~75% over 90 ATAR
  4. fan96

    How do you choose three ideas to explore in your body paragraphs?

    Take this previous HSC question, for example: You could do one paragraph on time and one on space but you have nothing left for the third and you can't integrate the two together as well. In general, how do you decide what three ideas will make up your body paragraphs?
  5. fan96

    Is it valid to make trig substitutions on ANY indefinite integral?

    Suppose we have the integral \int \sqrt{1-x^2}\,dx We can make the substitution x = \sin \theta, which is undoubtedly valid because the range of the substitution -1 \leq \sin \theta \leq 1 is the same as the domain of the integrand -1 \leq x \leq 1 . But what about an integrand whose...
  6. fan96

    Titration terminology

    Suppose an acid (HCl), in a conical flask, is titrated with a base (NaOH). The equivalence point is reached and then more base is added. The substance in the conical flask is clearly basic, but is it correct or acceptable to refer to it as "the base"?
  7. fan96

    Do markers discriminate against people who choose a prescribed text as their related?

    From the BoS/NESA website: So it seems that this is allowed, but in practice, do students actually become disadvantaged or not? Do markers still hold those essays to a higher standard even though they aren't supposed to?
  8. fan96

    Does √-1 evaluate to i or -i?

    When we use take the square root using the radical sign √ in the reals we take only the positive root. So \sqrt{64} = 8 and not -8 . But what does the radical sign √ actually mean when used on complex numbers? What does \sqrt{-1} evaluate to? i or -i ?
  9. fan96

    Circular permutations with two tables?

    e.g. How many ways can 8 people be seated at two tables with 5 and 3 seats each? How do I approach this problem? Also, my teacher used this question as an example to say that we should always learn the formula as n!/n and not (n-1)!. I don't understand that, can anyone figure out why he...
  10. fan96

    Setting performance goals for HSC?

    Hi all, I'm going into Year 12 and I plan to study English Adv., 4U Maths, Chemistry and SDD. I attend a top 10 school - approximately how would I need to perform relative to my cohort to get a mid-high Band 5 in English? Also, is it likely that I can get a mid-90s ATAR or more if I get...
  11. fan96

    Should I take 4U Maths for Year 12?

    My Year 11 Maths class is one of the classes that accelerated the HSC 2U Maths course (we sat the trials with the Year 12s a few weeks ago). I'm not sure how it works and my school hardly gives any information on it but apparently the 2U acceleration is only offered to people doing 4U next year...
  12. fan96

    ATAR estimate from Year 11 HYs?

    My school already gave me an estimate but I'm interested in a second opinion. English Ext 1: 174/213 (~50% B6 last year) Maths Ext 1: 102/176 (~70% B6 last year) Chemistry: 37/136 (~45% B6 last year) Physics: 85/144 (~35% B6 last year) Software Design: 3/15 (~50% B6 last year) School...