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  1. Crobat

    Your Favourite TED Talks

    I'm assuming a lot of you already watch the occasional TED talk here and there, and if you don't then enjoy your time in this thread because there are some incredibly awe-inspiring and informative talks on the TED database. I've watched quite a number of them, but I'll start with the most...
  2. Crobat

    Gifted children benefit from bypassing high school for uni

    http://m.smh.com.au/national/education/study-gifted-children-benefit-from-bypassing-school-for-university-20141227-12cnf0.html?&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=social&eid=socialn%3Afac-14omn0583-optim-nnn%3Apaid-25%2F06%2F2014-social_traffic-all-postprom-nnn-ebaby-o Discuss...
  3. Crobat

    5 Dimensional Political Compass (just a little bit of fun)

    Thought this would be a little bit of fun - http://abtirsi.com/quiz2.php You're welcome to post your results :thrust:
  4. Crobat

    Crobat yells at you until you're okay with the HSC starting soon

    In this thread I will yell at you until you feel complacent that the HSC is starting soon. General fear and lack of motivation is what I am going to yell out of you. It will work by you writing about how you're scared of the HSC and then I will respond. DISCLAIMER: Nothing is personal, I'm...
  5. Crobat

    Would you take a one-way ticket to Mars?

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-12/life-on-mars/5519660 Thought it's a pretty interesting idea. Would you take a one-way ticket to Mars? I probably wouldn't - I have too much I want to achieve on Earth but one day I would like to see space travel become a thing (with the proviso I can...
  6. Crobat

    Why higher education needs to be more like BMW than Ford

    The original SMH article - Why higher education needs to be more like BMW than Ford "Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne and the heads of our universities are barking up the wrong tree if they think expanding the university sector is the answer to increased competition from overseas...
  7. Crobat

    Crobat's Guide To HSC English Advanced.

    Hello fellow BoSers! So recently I've been getting flooded with emails from people asking to buy my materials and give essay marking feedback/exam advice but I've been too busy to give anything comprehensive and quite lazy to attach everything to individual emails so I've decided to just give...
  8. Crobat

    The (Sensible & Classy) Alcohol Review Thread

    Surely there are others on this forum who have an interest in being classy and enjoying their alcohol without getting wasted on it, so I want to start this thread as a thread where we can share and recommend beers, whiskeys, wines, vodkas, etc, that we've tried and appreciated. My first...
  9. Crobat

    Your favourite live performances

    Share your favourite live performance of any song here! This is one of mine: When he gets the audience of 66,000 to sing the chorus for him just makes it all the more awesome. My real favourite is Knights of Cydonia live at the same show (Rome Olympic Stadium) but I can't find a youtube...
  10. Crobat

    2014 UTS BSoc - O-Camp - Membership - Facebook!

    Hello everyone! Firstly, a big congratulations to everyone for completing their HSC and making it through their university offers! Life’s about to start for real now, and it’s about to get exciting :) I’m here as a representative of the UTS Business Society, and we’d like to extend a...
  11. Crobat

    Brain Dead Woman Pregnant, Forced Life Support

    'A host for a foetus': Brain dead pregnant woman kept on life support "The diagnosis was crushing and irrevocable. At 33, Marlise Munoz was brain dead after collapsing on her kitchen floor in November from what appeared to be a blood clot in her lungs. But as her parents and her husband...
  12. Crobat

    2014 New Years Resolutions & Progress

    Hey all, So being nearly the New Year I thought we could have this obligatory thread and rather than just have it as a one-off post of your NYR, we also use it throughout the year to keep track of our progress with them too. This has the potential to help you stick to your resolution, so don't...
  13. Crobat

    Computer wizards pls help

    Red bar in the top right corner stays in the top right corner no matter what doesn't move but i can still click on the tabs visible Why is that bar fixed in that one spot on the computer so annoyingly? Can someone help? I use Chrome if that's relevant and it's the latest version
  14. Crobat

    Winner of Tropfest (Bamboozled) - homophobic and transphobic?

    http://theconversation.com/bamboozled-wins-tropfest-by-turning-gay-sex-into-a-dumb-joke-21290 For those of you interested, a short film entitled 'Bamboozled' won this year's Tropfest Film Festival. It's a story about a guy who bumps into his "ex-girlfriend" (who had a spontaneous sex change)...
  15. Crobat

    ACT Same-Sex Marriage Act in the High Court

    http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/chance-for-samesex-marriages-after-high-court-reserves-decision-20131203-2yoaj.html#ixzz2mOnBLtgF Thoughts? I think it's pretty clear that the HC will deem it unconstitutional since the Constitution is pretty clear about who can legislate on...
  16. Crobat

    How can I help my girlfriend grieving the loss of her friend?

    Hi everyone, One of my girlfriend's closest primary school friends died last year this Sunday in a car accident where the driver of the other car was drunk and speeding. There'll be a memorial service on Sunday (which I'm not invited to since I didn't know the girl and it's only for close...
  17. Crobat

    Keiran Loveridge

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/kieran-loveridges-sentence-shocking-thomas-kellys-parents-say-20131108-2x5j5.html I'm sure you've all seen the shit-storm brewing all over Facebook. I'm curious to see what the BoS community thinks. Was it too lenient? Why? Was it too harsh? Why? Was...
  18. Crobat

    A Good Way To Learn Mandarin At Home?

    Hi all, I plan on learning some Mandarin over the uni break and was wondering if anyone knows of a good online course (preferably free) or a good course in general that would help me learn the language (like TAFE, etc)? Cheers in advance!
  19. Crobat

    The Greatest Movie Soundtracks.

    I'll start us off with: - The Great Gatsby - Inception - The Virgin Suicides
  20. Crobat

    2013-14 Summer School Subjects

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know which of the summer school subjects available are the most interesting/easy to do? I'm a little disappointed that we can't do any cores to really speed it up, so yeah I was wondering if anyone with experience in Summer School has any suggestions? Cheers