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  1. Crobat

    UNSW's new law entry exam

    fucking keen as bout time
  2. Crobat

    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    This is really worrying though because last year a lot of Sydney firms took more clerks than the usual amount and in sponsorship talks with some firms this year, one has already indicated they aren't doing clerkships in 2016 at all and others have indicated they're struggling with the amount of...
  3. Crobat

    Arts/Law at UTS vs USyd

    people will tell you yes but at the end of the day a shit candidate at UTS is just a shit candidate, and a shit candidate at USYD is just a shit candidate with gold flecks on top and still no job
  4. Crobat

    Is Kurt Mathematics Centre good?

    I managed a 96 in English Advanced and 50 in Ext 1. Kurt is how I went from 24% average in year 11 to 89 final in 2U. I just found he had a very good way of explaining the conceptual theory behind the equations to me that clicked and helped me understand what I was doing as opposed to...
  5. Crobat

    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    Don't forget to explore extra-curriculars by being involved in MULS and law competitions, and just generally keeping up with some interests outside of uni. All of these things go towards making you a well-rounded applicant come job application time. My WAM is nothing special, barely over the 75...
  6. Crobat

    How is university different to high school?

    it is funner but you get used to the feeling of impending failure and never actually failing
  7. Crobat

    Law @USYD vs @UNSW

    It's really just hard full stop. Graduate employment depends on the individual and what they do to make themselves competitive in preparation for graduate employment. Most firms will take their most, if not all, of their graduates from their clerkship pool that students do in their penultimate...
  8. Crobat

    Social Justice Warriors (SJW's) are waging a cultural war

    Well no shit listening to the extremists and radicals about any belief and of course you're only going to see a "war" on everything. Enjoying yoga and Japanese tea is not the same as culturally appropriating sacred holy events for your personal amusement. If you accept that ISIS is not a good...
  9. Crobat

    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    can confirm this is no longer the case and hasn't been for quite some while - I'm a UTS student currently at a top tier before it's even time for clerkships (which would be where firms take their grads). I'm not using my own experience as the case in point example but MQ and UTS students are...
  10. Crobat

    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Friend of mine has started 5 degrees at 3 unis and is sticking with bus/law at UTS haha Are you going to accept?
  11. Crobat

    UTS 2015 Spring Semester Results Thread

    Pretty sure they don't remark your exams - they only check the marks have been added up right.
  12. Crobat

    UTS 2015 Spring Semester Results Thread

    can't believe i got a credit in commercial law i am beyond happy omg i swear it was going to be my first pass ever
  13. Crobat

    Failed english exam

    m8 it's 1 fucking exam just chill study hard reap benefits spiderman never gave up and that guy had a hard fucking life what with getting his uncle killed, Gwen dying b/c he was too slow to catch her, and pregnant Mary Jane dying from radiation poisoning that was caused by spiderman's own...
  14. Crobat

    Same sex marriages

    great purpose that you will one day justify your own marriage with too bad neither it nor any purpose(s) are recognised or relevant to the legal operation of marriage so any argument grounded in the so-called 'purpose of marriage' is irrelevant to the question of fairness and equality in the...
  15. Crobat

    Same sex marriages

    problem with de facto relationships though is that there are certain criteria very easily dispelled when old mate jack and jill who bumped into each other on the bus this morning can rock up and sign a contract in the same afternoon to get the benefits it's a good effort so far as trying to...
  16. Crobat

    UTS 2015 Rollcall

    In fairness we (both societies) exist for their benefit. Also you firsties are so adorable with your keen-as-a-bean questions :haha: Keep them coming!
  17. Crobat

    USYD combined law atar is lowered...

  18. Crobat

    UTS 2015 Rollcall

    To those entering either a Bachelor of Business and/or Bachelor of Laws, as a Director of both the UTS Business Students' Society and UTS Law Students' Society I'd like to welcome you all and extend my inbox for any questions or general talk you might like to have! :)
  19. Crobat

    The Right to Defend

    i think it'd be a poor system of government accountability, particularly in a democracy there are other means (or should be other non-violent means implemented) for holding governments accountable and any sort of government attacking its own citizens in the western world isn't really a reality...
  20. Crobat

    Crobat's Guide To HSC English Advanced.

    Oops sorry, haven't had stable access to the net lately. But yes, that's actually 100% what I did (and I also skipped to random pages to scan for good quotes but that was less fruitful for obvious reasons :haha:)