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  1. ya_mum

    How To Get Your Dream ATAR

    Alright people, out of curiosity, what are your plans to getting the ATAR of your dreams? To all the others who have finished the HSC or have accelerated in a subject and are pleased with their marks:[/COLOR] What's one biggest piece of advice that you would offer to the 2011 2012 HSCers...
  2. ya_mum

    Writing Physics Pracs

    I've got excel, physics in focus, jacaranda and a few other textbooks that i think will help me write up the practicals for space and motors and generators. What are you tips? How do you write yours?
  3. ya_mum

    Who does parkour to de-stress?

    FUCK parkour is da shit. cardio+plus strength training+heaps of fun+practice running away from da coppas. who does it? if you don't keep in mind it's the only guaranteed method to getting 99.95 atar.
  4. ya_mum

    Study Journal: How I'm going to get 99.95 ATAR

    I'm creating this thread to share a few tips and to hold myself accountable for my goals and study :p Goals: Get a 99.95 ATAR http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/musik/music-smiley-005.gif A wish is a goal without a plan of action, so here's my action plan to ace the upcoming half yearlies: