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  1. Vidhya

    Exam screw up stories

    In the HSC Adv Maths exam, I realised that I skipped a whole page of questions like 20 secs before the thing finished. But I was too happy that the exam was over to care
  2. Vidhya


    yeanoyeahno...yy yes no planning to transfer next year into a double degree so job prospects hopefully get better
  3. Vidhya

    KONY 2010: Kony Posters

  4. Vidhya

    My face

    I got on Roaccutane in 2008 for three-ish months and all I had to do extra was put on sunscreen (in didn't affect the dryness of my skin as extremely but my lips were super dry) My skin's been much better since then and all the scarring etc is gone. I get the occasional pimple but dats lyf...
  5. Vidhya

    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread omg whats goan on with sharapova :(
  6. Vidhya

    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread i like them both equally what do i do
  7. Vidhya

    UNSW Roll Call 2012

    International Studies majoring in Development Studies
  8. Vidhya

    How do you strum a ukulele?

    I just got one today and I've tried using the side of my thumb, my index finger, pretending there's a pick in my hand and using all my fingers in a ~sweeeping~ motion None of these felt comfortable and I couldn't pick up the strumming speed Do you just get used to it or
  9. Vidhya

    New Girl

    yeah pretty cute show, loved the ep where she chokes justin long
  10. Vidhya

    Medicine - UMAT and interview

    umat imo comes down to how you're feeling on the day and how good your attention span/concentration is during those three hours. practice how much ever you like, but make sure you are feeling 200% on the day and FOCUSED.
  11. Vidhya

    review the last book you read

    The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles It was quite good. I really liked the protagonist and his reactions to his problems but I did not like the 'French Lieutenant's woman' (not to say that her character wasn't well thought out) but she did not develop at all and that annoyed me. But I...
  12. Vidhya

    Advice on what I should do to transfer?

    cut-off is 95.95 and besides, i wanna do law at unsw and i've come to realise that if i do int studies, i'll have a year to think about whether i really, absolutely want to do law.
  13. Vidhya

    Move to China?

    also, like the other guy said, racist dicks are everywhere and actually are fun to laugh at. look at the less racist people, i'm sure there are more of them and instead of just moving straight to china, stay there on a work visa for a while and see if you like it there more than you do here
  14. Vidhya

    Move to China?

    retirement? you're thinking about what you're going to do after retirement now?
  15. Vidhya

    How often do you poop

    as often as my toilet allows it
  16. Vidhya

    The Cricket Thread

    Re: The Official Cricket Thread that's true, seeing as india getting even close to 650 before friday seems impossible. gambhir is doing ~okay~ atm though ah shit dravid got out what is this fuckery
  17. Vidhya

    The Cricket Thread

    Re: The Official Cricket Thread it's still india, world cup winner with tendulkar/sehwag etc, so i s'pose they're still a bit wary instead of being overconfident. although india is painfully embarassing to watch at this point
  18. Vidhya

    Advice on what I should do to transfer?

    so many view and no replies lol
  19. Vidhya

    Advice on what I should do to transfer?

    So I got a relatively low ATAR for combined law (95.75) and I'm wanting to do Int Studies/Law at either Usyd or UNSW but I don't know if I should do Int Studies at UNSW for a year and apply for an internal transfer (as it is 100% based on how you went in the degree) or do the same at Usyd (but...
  20. Vidhya

    The Idiot's Guide to cooking (things you can make in five minutes or less)

    6 basic ingredients to make cake in a mug in a microwave when having pastry cravings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aflMLvW28gY